A unique and cozy, budget-friendly under deck space featuring hammock chairs. This space is set under our second floor small deck and is designed for friends and families to enjoy on our warm summer nights and sunny days here in Massachusetts!

outdoor space with 4 hanging macrame hammock chairs, rugs, cafe lights and wicker decor.

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The Design

Several years back, we had installed the pavers on the floor under our second story deck. For years we used this space for trash barrels and the kid’s bikes – it was in pretty bad shape. Here’s the before with just the string lights up.

The before picture of the under deck space empty with just cafe lights.

I saw this space as having so much potential! So in an effort to increase our outdoor entertaining spaces we decided this was the perfect place to create a cozy boho style sitting area.

night view of the outdoor seating area with 4 hammock swings hanging from the ceiling joists.

We first installed these cafe lights to the eaves under our deck floor using these clips. This space is dark without any lighting so we used 5 strands of 25′ lights to maximize lighting. Adding these lights changed the entire space! Isn’t that always true with all lights? I love how they look on the raw aged wood, it really gives the feel of lights in an old barn and was the perfect way to brighten this whole space!

night time photo of the seating space with the cafe lights shining.

The Hammock Chairs

I started planning this space by researching new patio furniture and everything I found was way out of our budget. Man-o-man good outdoor furniture is expensive! I was also hesitant to spend a lot of money on outdoor furniture because, as of right now, this space is not weather-tight.

My original plan included a porch swing however, I have always loved the look of dreamy hammock style hanging chairs but worried about the comfort. I mean can you sink in one and hold a Margarita at the same time? These are important questions! lol! I wanted to find a comfortable chair with back support so I set out looking for a chair that gave the look of an outdoor macrame style hammock chair while providing a little more structure. I found these hammock chairs on Amazon, (these are sold out, try these hanging chairs) they are perfect for what I was looking for and became the focal point of this seating area.

outdoor space with macrame hanging hammock chairs.

Their frame provides both comfort and structure and doesn’t have you sinking in a slouchy position and they come ready to hang. They don’t require any bulky hammock stands and can be hung from a ceiling, tree, or floor joists. Each hanging chair comes with a thick neutral seat cushion and back pillow in a beige cotton fabric. These hammock chairs are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect, I’ll take 4!

top view of the space showing the rug from Boutique rugs.
New design

Hanging the Hammock Chairs

I originally hung these hammock chairs with thick matching cotton string. That was until my husband informed me that they really needed a stronger setup to support not only sitting but the swinging that was inevitably going to occur. I hadn’t thought of that! We purchased four of these Hammock hanging kit and hung them from the decks flooring joist. (similar is linked)

under deck mounting of the hanging hammock chairs.

Choosing the Rug

For the rug I found this beautiful 7’10” x 10′ Asquith Area Rug outdoor rug from Boutique Rugs and knew it would brighten the space, work well with the chairs and be the perfect addition to tie this space together.

Asquith outdoor rug from Boutique rugs.
Asquith Rug from Boutique Rugs

DIY Star and Tassel Garland:

Under the string lights, I strung a DIY garland made from paper star lanterns and some DIY Tassels. I used simple kitchen twine that matched the cotton rope hammock and alternated between the stars and the tassels. Common thumb tacks were used to hang them off the floor joist. I was concerned about how well the paper stars would stand up, remember this space isn’t weather tight with rain often dropping through the cracks of the deck flooring above. They actually did really well and held up all season. This fun garland bumped up the dreaminess of this outdoor living area! (visit here to make tassels)

another view of the outdoor seating space.

Wildflower Tapestry:

We have some oil pipes on this back wall so I’m always looking for something I can put over them. I found this great 79″ x 59″ wildflower tapestry on Amazon – it was the deal of the century at only $17.51. I hung this with the same thumb tacks as the garland. This tapestry worked well and held up well through the summer months. The perfect backdrop for our outdoor oasis!

Wildflower outdoor tapestry hanging on the side of the house as a back drop for this space.

The Decor for this Cozy Under Deck Space featuring Hammock Chairs

Then for all the fun stuff, my favorite things! This wicker ottoman (used as a coffee table), poufs, throw pillows, tray, planters, and baskets are all from Homegoods. I’ll link similar. These candle sticks are from The Nested Fig. I’ll link similar below as these are currently not available.

wicker ottoman that serves as a coffee table for this space.

Shop this Post:

Here are some photos taken at night.

Please check out the fire pit we built in this post:

my chocolate lab looking over the fire pit.

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Hope you love our cozy under deck space featuring hammock chairs as much as we do! It’s a small space but it’s packed with personality. We have enjoyed entertaining in this fun take on an outdoor living room or find it to be the perfect spot for just snuggling up with a good book. For a fun little outdoor twinkly project be sure to check out my lightning bug lanterns featuring succulents, they would be perfect for this space. For some indoor summer, styling be sure to see my Peony kissing balls and Summer layered basket wall. Thanks for visiting the blog today – I love it when you do!!

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    1. Hi Deborah,
      It is not weather-tight and was designed with this in mind. For big storms, I’ll bring in the cushions but most of the items dry out pretty fast as they are primarily outdoor materials.

  1. I love your hanging chairs but the link is taking me to something different – can you please let me know the correct link please? Thank you.

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