I’m Amazon rug shopping! Just kitchen runner shopping actually but still rug shopping!!! I’ve had these runners for a while now and I’m looking for a refresh! I’d like a natural woven rug, I think… Something that ties in to the natural wood accents we have in our kitchen and our soon-to-be-installed butcher block kitchen Island counter. (If we can ever get the stain right!) Another must have is fringe. I am a sucker for fringe anything especially on a rug.

I purchased the runner above from Target back when we first did our kitchen makeover. This time I’ve decided to go a different direction so I bought this one from Amazon and although I love it (and its fabulous laced fringe) I found it’s a little too dark with our floors. So I’ve decided to keep searching.

I love the warmth a runner in the kitchen brings and it’s a perfect opportunity to add some patterns and texture in there.

While searching I did a quick Amazon Rug round up. They have a lot of great options so I thought I’d share a few!

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Thanks for going Amazon rug shopping with me!


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