Hi Friends! This weekend I did a thing… as a result I’m feeling much better about this fixture! While I had my sewing machine out for my Pottery barn inspired ticking stripe curtains I decided to make this Easy Sew DIY Chandelier Chain Cover (Using Burlap Wired Ribbon). I purchased this beaded faux light fixture from Home Sense and added a light kit from World Market to create some extra light in this space. After I worked the light kits cord through the chain I decided I wanted to cover all the “mechanics” with a simple chandelier chain cover.

beaded chandelier
Before picture with the chain and cord exposed.

Choosing the Ribbon:

I decided to use this polka dot burlap ribbon purchased at Hobby Lobby. It is 2 1/2″ wide which allowed plenty of space to weave the chain and cord through.

burlap  wired ribbon
Hobby Lobby burlap ribbon, polka dot

Easy Sewing:

I measured the length of the chain. Then I measured 3 x’s the length of the ribbon to allow for the extra needed to create the bunched (cinched) effect. Next I matched the sides and with my sewing machine, I sewed as close to the edge as possible.

sewing burlap ribbon

This light fixture is easily removable from the chandelier canopy on the ceiling so I was able to sew both sides of the ribbon to create a “chandelier sleeve”. We had hung this canopy to allow for different fixtures and candelabras – since you know how I love to change things up!

burlap ribbon
Burlap ribbon sewn down both sides to create a chandelier sleeve

Once sewn I was able to simply slide the burlap ribbon cover over the chain and cord and bunched it. I love the look of the old gathered or cinched chandelier cord covers and wanted the same look. For the extra cord, I simply swung it over the curtain rod and had it run behind the panel where it eventually met the outlet.

DIY chandelier cord cover

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I’m super excited with how this simple Easy Sew DIY Chandelier Chain Cover (Using Burlap Wired Ribbon) turned out. I hope you like it too! For more fun and creative DIY ideas visit here. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!

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