I love the look and versatility of Cloche’s – but the price!! Gah!! I knew I needed to find a way to make my own. First, what is a Cloche? A cloche (pronounced KLOSCHE) is a bell-shaped glass cover from the French word bell. Originally Cloche’s were intended to protect plants from frost, today they’re used for a variety of purposes including endless decorating uses. Yay!


For mine, I used glass vases I already had and purchased a dome with a base at Michael’s Store. I used drawer pulls, cork, a little bird bath and small lotus-shaped garden stone that I already had. These are a few ideas but be creative here, you could use glass chess pieces, a finial or any type of drawer pull. I attached the knobs with E6000 glue because it is strong and dries clear.


The cloche can be placed on my DIY cake stand, a plate or platter, or any sort of stand that you like.

The display options are endless and can be changed depending on the event or the season. Let those creative juices flow!



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