Let’s chat about my latest Eye Shadow Obsession! Sometimes powder eyeshadows are just hard! Amiright?!? I find they can be particularly challenging with aging eyelids that aren’t as…shall we say…ahem, tight and smooth (wink, wink) as they used to be. Some powders just seem to find their way right into my crease and take home in my eyelid wrinkles, so not pretty! Don’t get me wrong, I love alllll the beautiful palettes and use them often, but getting that perfect layered, blended out smokey eye is an art for sure.

crayon eye shadow from clinique

Lately, I’m choosing a quick easy beautiful look with a much simpler application and for this Clinique’s Chubby Stick – Shadow Tint for Eyes has become my go to. These little creamy sticks from heaven are a game changer, especially if you are powder shadow challenged (like me!) These chubby sticks, which ironically look like kindergarten crayons, are so easy to apply. They glide on so beautifully, they layer nicely and blend out really well. I find the creamy formula to be a perfect eyeshadow for aging eyes. These eyeshadow sticks come in such beautiful colors with Lots o’ Latte being my favorite and best of all they last all day long! So if drawing your eyeshadow on seems like it would be more your thing, I would definitely give these a try!

(My current collection includes: Lots O’ Latte, Bountiful Beige, Fuller Fudge, Ample Amber and Curvaceous Coal but I’ve been eyeing the Whopping Willow too!)

You can find these crayons from heaven in with my other favorite make up products here!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope My latest Eye Shadow Obsession becomes yours too!


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