Summer is the perfect time to restyle your living room fireplace mantel decor. For many the mantel serves as the focal point of the room and is a great place to make a big statement. Today I’m sharing a summer mantel styling featuring a layered basket wall design. This striking design made a big impact on our living room summer decor.

baskets, trays and other wicker/woven items hung over a white mantel.

This summer mantel decor features a neutral palette of natural elements designed in freeform layered look. While not originally planned, there’s a beach or coastal vibe that lends itself to summer styling and is perfect for this time of year.

full view of mantel space with basket wall.

The Fireplace

Before I share the steps in creating this look, lets first discuss the space. This fireplace surround was originally red brick. A few years back we did a fireplace redesign by simply painting the brick with white chalk paint and adding more molding to the mantel. This made a huge difference in both brightening the space and giving it a much needed update.

As you can see we have very high ceilings in this room so when planning this design I knew I had lots of space to work with and as you can see I didn’t hold back!

straight on view of the mantel decor featuring a large basket wall that includes baskets, woven placement, trays.

Steps for creating a Summer Mantel Featuring a Layered Basket wall

  1. Collecting wicker baskets and decor pieces for the basket wall – For this natural neutral design you want to start by collecting a variety of baskets and decorative objects. Look for smaller pieces, different sizes and unique textures. Shown is a collection of trays, a wicker basket or two, natural placemats, a floral wreath made of wheat and the sign which serves as the focal piece of this design.
  2. Adjusting and adding details to the baskets – For my basket wall I wanted a 3D design with a little pop however the baskets were too deep. With scissors I simply cut the rims off so the baskets were no more than 3″ deep. I used both the basket base and the rim for added interest. I painted some of them white and left some natural for some variability. Then with my glue gun I added an assortment of trim. I also weaved some string in between the weave on the placemats. (see below)
  1. Planning the design – It is helpful to be able to visualize how much space you have to work with. When planning the space measure how wide and high you want to go with the design. Then take painters tape and taped off the dimensions on the floor. From there take the design elements and arranged them at varying heights and angles focusing on a layered look until you are happy with the design. Take a picture then piece by piece transfer them to the wall. With my design I was a bit unsure about how I would feel with the sign being off center but it seem to work with the larger tray bidding for some of the center space.
  1. Hanging the basket wall – This is a do as I say not as I do situation… The easiest way to hang the placemats and baskets was with a staple gun. I know, I know…gasp! The wreath and sign where hung with a small nail. Needless to say hole-city! For basket wall layout suggestions as well as perhaps better…ahem… hanging options please visit my good friend Kalyn at Boxwood and Spruce’s 3 ways to easily hang baskets for a basket wall gallery post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang a basket wall?

Consider the space when choosing the best way to hang your basket wall. If outdoors you will need a sturdy secure option like staples or nails. Indoors you can use command strips, command hooks or craft putty for no marks or holes.

Tip: Start with your largest piece, perhaps a large basket or a large piece of art. This will act as your anchor piece. From there build out with your medium to small objects. Depending on the space, place your baskets horizontally or a vertical display on a thinner wall space works as well.

What decor elements can I add to my basket wall?

Photos in frames work well, touches of greenery and variety of unique baskets such as a tobacco basket are great to work in. You can also add trays, small mirrors, signs and wreaths.

Tip: Woven placemats typically come in packs of 4. They are fairly inexpensive and their flat structure and light weight makes for easy hanging and layering.

Where are some other option for hanging a basket wall?

A basket wall is the perfect backdrop for any space in your house. Add one over your bed or add some visual interest to your outdoor decor. Place some baskets in your entryway over a bench or a console table or trail some interesting baskets on the wall up a set of stairs.

Where can I buy baskets for my basket wall?

Collect unique baskets while thrifting or on your yard sale travels. Homegoods and Target are also great places to look. Over on Etsy you can buy a collection of baskets specific for basket walls. I’ll include some options below to get help you get started.

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a close up side view of the baskets on the wall.

Decorating the rest of the space

Under the mantel I hung some ceramic hanging pots filled with neutral artificial flowers. Im a big fan of decorating all surfaces with mantels and shelves. You can see this in my farmhouse bathroom shelf styling post as well as my Rae Dunn hanging herb planters.

hanging ceramic containers filled with artificial flowers.

On the mantel I kept it simple with a stack of vintage books, these sweet kraft paper birds and decor beads.

two kraft paper birds sitting on vintage books with excelsior and decor beads.

On the hearth and to the side of the mantel I included a basket of natural wood, pillows, a summery straw hat and a hanging beaded vase all in keeping with the summer mantel decor.

For a fun bright colored option please visit this fabulous basket wall featuring colorful trivets in this Basket Wall Decor with Bohemian Design post from Sarah at Sadie Seasongoods.

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pinterest pin of this Summer mantel styling featuring a layered basket wall.

Thank you for visiting the blog today for this summer mantel design featuring a layered basket wall post. Basket walls are a great way to add interest and to fill up your living space with unique wall decor. It is also a great way to cover walls that may be damaged or unsightly. Choose your color scheme, shop for baskets and have fun! For more creative ideas visit my DIY and Tutorials page

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