Cut Tulip Care  (Tips from a Florist)

It's tulip season and whether you are buying at your grocery store or harvesting them from your garden - You will want to get the most out of them!

Let's go over some tips to make your blooms last longer!

Select the Best Blooms: buy tulips that are closed or have tight buds.

Remove the Leaves: it is important to remove the leaves that will be below the water line.

Cut the Stems at an Angle: to make sure the flower stems do not sit flat on the vase resulting in the tulip not being able to pull up water.

Meet the Cut Tulip’s Water Needs:Tulips are thirsty flowers so keep the water level high and the water clean.

Keep Tulips from Drooping: take a sharp knife and simply pierce the stem.

Place your Cut Tulip Arrangement away from direct sun: this will help them last longer.

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