How Often to Mist Air Plants

In nature, Air Plants (Tillandsias) simply rely on rain water and will pull moisture and nutrients from the air.

For indoor air plants, it’s a little more tricky since the air in most homes can be dry.

We  know in a typical potted plant, it’s the soil that plays a vital role in holding water and keeping it available for the plant.

However, Air plants come with very little to no roots and do not grow in soil.

Here’s where Trichomes come in!

Trichomes are the “fuzzy sweater” or tiny scales on the leaves of air plants that help the plant absorb water from the surrounding air.

Essentially without roots, air plants pull in moisture through their leaves via Trichomes.

Now that we know HOW air plants take in water, let's discuss 2 ways to water them.

The first is the misting method.

With a plant mister you can simply spray your air plant 2-3 times a week.

This method is typically sufficient for Xeric types. Xeric are typically grayer and have many Trichomes.

The second method is the soaking method.

Once a week drop your air plants in a bowl of room temperature water.

Leave them for 2-24 hours.

Once they have soaked place them upside down to dry.

Often Mesic types do best with both methods. Mesic are the more greener varieties that have less trichomes.

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