How To Make A Wreath From Assorted China Plates

Do you have a collection of plates, cups and saucers and you don't know what to do with them?

Make a fabulous china plate wreath!

The first step is to gather or collect an assortment of plates, cups, saucers, tureen covers, etc

I grabbed mine thrifting!

Next lay them out to plan your design. I wanted a layered look so some of my china is stacked

Grab your supplies! (supplies are linked on the blog)

I found these cork coasters so helpful!

After your china wreath is completed its time to hang it!

If you're wondering if it it is heavy - the answer is yes!

We hung ours with some heavy duty screws

Ours hangs in our dining room above this little antique cubby

Often I will decorate it for the seasons

Head to the blog for more photo and instructions

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