Kitchen Island DecorIdeas for a stylish Kitchen

Ever wonder how to decorate your kitchen counters like you see in a magazine?

The key is to create vignettes you love!

This blog post will take you through assessing your kitchen island space to help you determine how much of the island you should use for decorative items.

It's always a great idea to start with some sort of tray. This collection of baking  tools is housed in a vintage drawer.

This wood tray holds stacked dishes, vase of flowers, a canister with cloth napkins and some silverware.

It's a good idea to shop your kitchen!  In many of my vignettes I have napkins, stacked plates, silverware or glassware.

Plants  mixed with other decor elements is a greaat idea!

Bring in other natural elements like branches and flowers.

Or display your favorite cookbook!

The possibilities are endless, choose what you love and you  can't go wrong!

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