Make These Peony Kissing Balls in a few simple steps.

How fun are these hanging peonies balls?

These fun peony kissing balls hang all summer long in our dining room bay window.

They are super easy to make! - So let's jump in!

First buy faux peony bushes, I have some linked on the blog.

To make these you will also need a hot glue gun

The first step is to remove the flower heads from the stems

Each kissing ball is made of  5 blooms

Your going to glue (in a circle) the bottom petals of 4 peony blooms

Add glue to the 5th bloom and place on top to create a ball

Here are the completed kissing balls

Next hang the peony balls!

I hung these from dainty black jewelry chain (linked on the blog)

Pierce a u-pin through one of the petals and attach the chain

Use another U-pin to attach the chain and loop around the curtain rod.

Stagger them in the window for a pretty effect

I love how they seem to be floating

For step-by-step instructions and list of supplies, head to the blog

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