Make your Own Self Watering Planters

Ballard designs has the most beautiful glass self watering planters.

I wanted to get creative and figure out a way to make my own!

I headed to Lowes to buy some glass light fixture globes. They are perfect because they have a large and small opening.

For the base I used glass vases I had from various flower arrangements.

Here is an example of the globe sitting on the vase.

To make, a cocoa liner is cut in a circle and self watering wick is threaded through the liner and placed on the bottom of the globe. (small hole)

There needs to be enough wick below the globe to sit in the water and enough above the liner to weave into the soil.

Next I lined the glass globe with moss.

Then soil, making sure the wick is still visable before add the plants.

Then its time to add plants!

Once planted, simply sit your self watering globe planter on top of a glass vase filled with water.

The wick will draw up the water to provide the plants with what they need.

All you need to do is to make sure clean, clear water is in the glass vase. I typically fill mine once a week.

Step-by-step instructions, resources and plant care is on the blog!

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