Simple Thanksgiving DIY Dining Table Centerpiece

Make a simple and stunning DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece idea for dining tables.

No design skills are required to create this layered neutral centerpiece, perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The centerpiece is unique and doesn't use traditional containers or vases, and surprisingly, it contains no flowers.

It starts with a table runner, and additional elements like pumpkins, clay pots, garland, and filler are layered on top.

The tutorial provides helpful tips and supplies to easily recreate the centerpiece.

White pumpkins are used as the focal point, adding elegance and versatility to the design.

The DIY project can be adapted to different seasons by swapping elements like flowers and ornaments.

The centerpiece can be customized for round tables as well, maintaining its beauty and impact.

The design includes a mix of real and faux elements, making it budget-friendly and easy to find materials.

The step-by-step instructions make it effortless for anyone to create an eye-catching fall centerpiece that will impress guests.

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