The Best Paint for Distressing Furniture

Chalk paint was invented in 1990 by Annie Sloan as an easier prep and application paint for furniture refinishing.

Chalk paint has a matte, chalky finish perfect for achieving a distressed, vintage look through techniques like sanding.

To  distress, let chalk paint dry fully, then sand paint off corners, edges, and high-use areas to mimic natural wear.

 "Resist distressing" involves applying wax where you'll distress before painting for easy paint removal.

Good prep like priming dark wood prevents bleed-through when painting light colors to distress.

Seal distressed chalk paint with wax or polycrylic for protection; wax adds softly lustrous depth.

Quality chalk paint brands like Annie Sloan, Dixie Belle, Wise Owl, and Kiltz distress softly lustrous depth.

Distressing works on furniture, cabinets, shelving, floors, trays, planters - anything to look antique!

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