DIY Card Catalog using Green Chalk Paint

Dive into the enchanting tale of turning an Apothecary into a Card Catalog using vibrant Annie Sloan green Chalk Paint.

Follow a surprise-filled trip to Brimfield Antique Market and unwrap the heartfelt gift of a blue milk-painted cabinet.

Join the quest for the perfect green Chalk Paint shade, culminating in a custom blend for the upcoming makeover.

Discover the essential steps, including sanding and paint selection, that set the stage for the furniture transformation.

Witness the shift from blue to a bold green with the expert application of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Delve into the meticulous waxing process, exploring how clear and dark wax create a sophisticated distressed look.

Uncover the art of selecting the perfect hardware for the Card Catalog makeover, adding the finishing touch to a stunning furniture transformation.

Reveal the final masterpiece: an exquisite Card Catalog, celebrated for its successful fusion of creativity and style.

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