DIY Self-watering Planters

(Ballard Designs Style)

Explore the extraordinary world of DIY self-watering planters using unexpected materials like glass globes and vases.

Dive into the science of capillary action and discover how these planters efficiently deliver water directly to your plants' roots.

Learn the step-by-step process to craft these elegant and functional planters, inspired by the coveted Ballard Designs style.

Explore the 10 compelling reasons to love this project, from easy maintenance to the decorative appeal of glass globes.

Find out why these self-watering planters are ideal for busy individuals, providing a self-sustaining watering solution for your leafy buddies.

Delve into the educational and engaging experience of creating your own plant hydration system, boosting your gardening skills.

Uncover a unique approach to DIY self-watering planters, where glass vases double as chic water reservoirs.


Step-by-step instructions, list of supplies and care tips are on the blog.

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