Easter Centerpiece Ideas! 💐

Make this sweet flower ring using fresh eggs. The best part is this unique centerpiece is budget friendly costing only $20!

I share step-by-step instructions for this fun and easy Easter Centerpiece - as well as tips for picking out the best flowers.

Making the ring is easy! These little egg cups make the sweetest little vessels for fresh flowers.

This Easter Centerpiece is fun to make and will wow your guests!

For a centerpiece that will  take you through spring and Easter, try this spring dough bowl idea!

In this post I take you step-by-step through the process of filling a wispy spring dough bowl.

As an extra, this design includes DIY birds nests and DIY cement-like bunnies!

Click the link below to learn more about this beautiful  Easter centerpiece Idea!

Make this Candle ring design for your Easter Centerpiece. This candle ring boasts beautiful fresh spring flowers.

This candle ring is made on a floral foam ring for easy designing.

In this post I guide you through the entire process. This candle ring will make the perfect Easter centerpiece!

Once the ring is completed all you have to do is put a candle in the center.

You may choose to do a beautiful vase of fresh tulips because nothing says Easter like some gorgeous tulips!

In this post I guide you through selecting the perfect tulips as well as my top tips for making them last!

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