We are using wet floral foam in this how to make floral candle rings using fresh flowers post, because say it with me… floral foam is your friend! This design uses fresh floral foam in the shape of a small 8″ ring which provides a great foundation for this project. The preformed circular shape which sits on a plastic tray is perfect for making a beautiful candle ring or a sweet mini wreath.


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Using Floral Foam

Types of floral foam:

There are two types of floral foam, one for fresh flowers (often referred to as wet foam) and one for faux flowers (dry foam). Traditionally foam comes in blocks or bricks if you will. You can simply cut the foam to fit the container or piece one or a few blocks together to make an arrangement. Over time the foam companies have created many different shapes of foam like bridal bouquet holder foam, foam for a cake top and ring style foam like the one we are using today. These shapes make for easy designing!

floral foam shaped in a ring.

Foam is your friend:

I tease a lot about foam being your friend and for good reason! Foam will give you a good base to work from as you create your design. As you insert your flowers the foam will hold them in place, this is especially helpful for the novice floral designer. Additionally wet foam supplies your flowers with water as it acts almost like a sponge. For todays how to make floral candle rings post we are using fresh flowers which requires a wet foam ring. This wet foam ring sits on a plastic tray that keeps the arrangement from leaking water onto the table. The plastic ring also supports the wet foam in keeping its shape.

Supplies to make a fresh flower candle ring

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  • Collection of fresh flowers including greenery, medium and small flowers as well a fillers
  • 8″ wet flower foam ring
  • Design knife or design shears
  • Hurricane lantern with LED Pillar candle

You can find a full selection of floral design tools in my Amazon shop!

ring centerpiece on a table setting with white dishes.

How to Make Floral Candle Rings using Fresh Flowers

  1. Prepare Fresh Flowers: After buying your flowers, fill a vase, bucket or pitcher of cool water. If your flowers came with flower food add a packet to the water. Strip (either with a knife, scissors or your hand) any foliage that will be sitting below the water line and cut each stem at a diagonal before placing them in water. Let the flowers take up water until you are ready to create your design.
  2. Soak floral foam ring: Fill a bowl or a sink of cool water and float the floral foam ring until it is saturated with water. This only takes 1 minute.
  3. Add the greens and flowers: To add the greens and flowers cut each stem with your design knife so the stem is only 2″-3″ long. To design add the greens first, then your larger flowers and then fill in with smaller flowers and filler. (“filler” are small branchy flowers that can be used to fill in arrangements (i.e. babies breath, wax flower, statice, etc.)

a close up of the beautiful flowers in this ring.

Frequently asked questions

How do I care for this floral ring arrangement?

The key is to keep the floral foam wet. My suggestion is to once a day bring the ring over to your sink and run it under water. As it soaks up water you will notice it getting heavier. The foam acts as a sponge holding the water for the flowers to take up. You can also mist your flowers with a plant mister.

Can I make this floral ring with artificial flowers?

You can! Be sure to buy a dry foam ring and follow the same steps. You can also purchase a small pre-made wreath and add silk flowers, berries and/or pine cones to it using hot glue or floral wire.

What occasions would this design be good for?

This would be a beautiful centerpiece for your dining table or to place on your coffee table for a special occasion. These floral rings would make lovely centerpieces for a wedding reception. Make a few changes and this design would be perfect for your holiday decor during the Christmas holiday season.

Can I make this using a different type of candle?

If your candle is housed in glass like a unity candle you can simply place that in the center of this ring. Tea lights in a glass container with water would be pretty. A simple taper candle on a candle holder placed in the center would be beautiful as well.

finished candle ring.

How to Make Floral Candle Rings using Fresh Flowers

Make this beautiful fresh flower candle ring in just a few simple steps.
Prep Time10 minutes
Active Time20 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Author: Stephanie LeBlanc


  • Gather a collection of fresh flowers. Start by choosing your color scheme and then pick out some greenery, medium to small flower blooms as well as fillers (small branchy blooms like caspia, babies breath, wax flower, etc)
    white cosmos flower
  • Fill a bowl or your sink with cool water and float the floral ring until it is saturated with water. About 1 minute.
    plastic ring supporting the wet flower foam.
  • Using your design knife or scissors begin cutting the greens to 2"-3" pieces and inserting the stems into the ring. work in the same slanted direction and be sure to fill the sides as well as the top. The key is to use the greens to cover the foam.
    adding greenery to the ring
  • Once the greens are in place it looks like a mini green wreath.
    all the greens added to the ring
  • Next starting with your larger flowers begin to cut them short (approx 2" to 3") and place them into the foam. This is a mixed flower design so place them evenly throughout the ring.
    adding cone flowers to the floral foam ring
  • Continue adding the flowers going from larger to small.
    add additional flowers
  • As you place each flower look for open spots in the ring.
    process photo
  • Continue to fill in.
    semi - finished candle ring.
  • If you have delicate flowers like these cosmos you may want to add them last.
    delicate flowers going in last


Fresh Flowers included in this design are baptisia, dara, cone flowers, bachelor buttons, scabiosa/pin cushion flowers, veronica, cosmos, queen Anne’s lace, basket flower, celosia.

Thank you for visiting the blog today for this floral candle ring! These beautiful flowers are from Petal Pickers. For more fresh floral designs be sure to see my how to design a lily flower arrangement like a pro post.

Keep creating friends!

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