I have an “EGG-celent” Easter centerpiece idea for you that is anything but your traditional easter flowers. Would you believe this fun easter table centerpiece costs just $20! It features fresh flowers designed in a ring of fresh eggshells and will have everyone talking at your easter celebration! In this post, Crafting the Perfect Easter Centerpiece: Easy on a Budget – I will take you through step-by-step on how to make this fun, budget-friendly design for your Easter table.

a ring of fresh eggs with their tops removed and flowers added. all in soft pastels.

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Cost Breakdown of Your Budget-friendly Easter Centerpiece

Looking to save on expenses? Opt for supplies from your nearby grocery store, Aldi, or Trader Joe’s. Here’s the breakdown of costs for this delightful arrangement:

  • 13 Eggs: $5.00
  • Mixed bunch of small flowers with fillers: $10.00
  • Mixed or single bunch of small herbs: $5.00

Create a stunning centerpiece without overspending! Dive into the details below.

About the Design

This easy centerpiece starts with 12- 13 large white eggs that you will remove the tops off and empty. I’d suggest you grab your favorite quiche recipe or breakfast egg dish and have it handy (may I suggest these Savory Breakfast Cups from Pinedaisyhouse.com). The empty eggshells are glued in a ring and this “wreath of empty eggs” will serve as your centerpiece vessel. After the wreath is made spring flowers are added. You will need to choose small blossoms and rather dainty greens for this design as large flowers such as easter lilies or gerbera daisies just won’t work for this bouquet. Below I’m sharing some cut flower options that will be an excellent choice when planning this dining room table centerpiece.

top view of this easter centerpiece made with fresh eggs and flowers.

Choosing the right fresh flowers for this Easter Centerpiece

Once the top portion of the egg is removed (instructions on how to do that are below in the step-by-step instructions) you are left with a teeny tiny opening resulting in a very small “vase” if you will. Due to the design, you are essentially arranging 12-13 tiny little arrangements. The egg shells are surprisingly strong so the need for using small dainty flowers is more about scale (the correlation of one part of an arrangement to other parts – usually flower design to vase). A tiny little vessel requires dainty little flowers or the centerpiece will look heavy and disproportionate. Not to mention, being able to see the eggs is part of the charm of this unique centerpiece.

single white egg with fresh flowers added to it.

For the centerpiece pictured in this post I went to Trader Joe’s and bought some white statice, purple sea holly, and tiny miniature carnations (shades went from white to pink). For the greens, I took the liberty of using fresh herbs since I knew I would just need small short sprigs and they are super cheap. I love using fresh herbs in my floral arrangements and these little eggs started with some fresh marjoram and thyme -available at grocery stores. You can use any small flowers or greens, some options include small spring bulbs like mini daffodils, grape hyacinths or lily of the valley. Small pink tulips are the perfect spring flower and would also work, just make sure they are small. You should also consider using filler flowers. Filler flowers are the more wispy varieties of flowers such as statice, caspia, wax flower, and babies breath to name a few. The nice thing about these tiny little eggs, they don’t hold much keeping your cost down.

Tools for this Easy Easter Centerpiece on a Budget

A ring of white eggs that have been emptied with fresh flowers in each egg.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Easy Easter Centerpiece on a Budget

What if I am not hosting an Easter dinner this year?

Perhaps a friend or a family member is hosting, you can let them know you are in charge of the centerpiece (a task often given to me!) and bring the Egg Centerpiece as an Easter gift for wherever your easter celebrations are taking place.

How many days in advance should I buy the fresh flowers?

Depending on the flowers you choose a good option is 2-3 days before your Easter dinner. When buying flowers the best types of flowers are those that are just about to bloom. 2-3 days in water allows for them to open to beautiful flowers just in time for Easter Sunday.

How long will this centerpiece last?

The arrival of spring brings visions of gorgeous blooms (especially after the cold winter months) and as long as you keep the eggs filled with water you will find this centerpiece to be long-lasting. You can plan on making this centerpiece 1-2 days before your Easter celebration and enjoy it for several days after. You can also create this centerpiece using faux flowers bought at a craft store or the Dollar store.

Where is the best place for me to buy fresh flowers?

These days you can find beautiful blooms at your local grocery stores or for a special treat and more variety head to your local flower shop. You can also buy flowers online I love to use Petal Pickers when buying flowers online.

I’d like to make a brightly-colored arrangement to go with my table setting, what would you suggest?

This design includes some lovely pastel colors however it would be just as stunning in either a variety of colors or all white flowers. Early spring is actually quite colorful in nature so go with colorful blooms if that works better with your easter decorations.

My favorite flower is a rose, can I use roses in this design?

Certain flowers have special significance to many and roses being one of the most popular flowers would make a great choice for this design. However, you will need to choose smaller varieties like spray roses or tea roses to make this delicate, dainty beautiful bouquet.

top view of raised centerpiece and an easter place setting.

Step-by-step Instructions

egg centerpiece featuring fresh flowers.
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Easy Easter Centerpiece on a Budget

Make this unique fresh flower Easter egg ring centerpiece using eggshells from fresh eggs.
Prep Time20 minutes
Active Time20 minutes
Total Time40 minutes
Author: Stephanie LeBlanc


  • 1 Plate or cake stand
  • 1 Pie Plate
  • 1 Dinner knife
  • 1 Floral Design knife or scissors
  • 1 hot glue gun with glue


  • 12-13 Large white eggs
  • 1-2 bunches Small bloom assorted fresh flowers
  • 1-2 bunches Small stems of herbs or greenery


  • Hold the first egg in your hand. Take a dinner knife and gently tap the top portion of the egg to create a crack. Continue by turning the egg while tapping the top portion to bring the crack around the egg.
    tapping egg with knife to remove the top.
  • Once the egg is cracked all the way around, gently press your thumb into the crack to lift the top of the egg off. Discard the top portion of the eggshell.
    pushing thumb into egg to lift top off.
  • Discard the top of the eggshell that you removed.
    egg top off
  • Empty the contents of the egg in a bowl. Repeat steps 1-4 for all 12-13 eggs.
    dumping egg into a bowl.
  • In your sink, place the eggs under running water to gently rinse then place them on a paper towel to dry.
    rinsing egg under water.
  • Glue your glue gun in to heat. Take a 9" pie plate and place in front of you. The pie plate if used to help shape the egg ring.
    pie plate and glue gun.
  • Add a dab of glue to the side of the dry egg and hold a second egg to it until it dries. place both eggs around the perimeter of the pie plate.
    adding a dab of hot glue to the side of an empty egg.
  • Continue by adding a dab of glue to the side of each egg and connect each egg to another one forming them around the perimeter of the pie plate until you create a perfect circle.
    glue the eggs to form a circle.
  • Once the circle is formed gently lift the egg ring out of the pie plate and place on a plate or cakestand.
    the circle of eggs still in the pie plate.
  • Fill each egg with water 3/4 of the way to the top.
    small pitcher with water being poured into eggs.
  • Starting with the greens, take your design knife or scissors and cut the greens before placing them in the egg. you will only need 2-3 stems.
    green are placed in the eggs first.
  • Then add the flowers, largest to smallest. I first added the sea holly then the mini carnations and finished with statice.
    first add the largest flower for this design it was the sea holly.
  • Each egg design should stand no more than 2" above the opening of the egg. (as shown here)
    side view depicting how high the arrangement should be.
  • Once the design is done display it on your Easter table either low on a plate or raised as seen here on a cake stand.
    top view of raised centerpiece.

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As always get creative, use your favorite flowers just make sure they are dainty. For color palettes go with what you like – it be colorful blooms or a more muted collection of beautiful flowers. You can also choose your blooms for this easy easter centerpiece to coordinate with your table setting for a pretty table.

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Easter table setting with a large colorful fresh flower arrangement and a place setting with bunny plates.

I hope you enjoyed this, Crafting the Perfect Easter Centerpiece: Easy on a Budget post. What better way to capture the Easter holiday than with spring flowers and eggs that won’t break the bank. For more spring floral ideas be sure to visit my Spring dough bowl post featuring DIY bird’s nests. Also visit my front door floral wreath with white tulips! I hope the easter bunny brings you easter baskets filled with easter eggs and most importantly – jelly beans!

Keep celebrating friends!

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