How to Distress Chalk Paint Furniture

The only Technique you need!

Discover the magic of distressing wax or candle wax as a resist medium beneath chalk paint.

Chalk paint is preferred for distressing due to its matte finish and ease of distressing.

Learn to consider the underlying color of the furniture piece for achieving the desired distressed look.

Find out about common painting woes like bleed-through and how to tackle them effectively.

Follow a step-by-step guide for preparing, distressing, and sealing your furniture piece.

Master the sanding process for achieving the perfect distressed appearance.

Understand the importance of strategic placement when distressing furniture for a natural look.

Gain insights into troubleshooting tips for common distressing issues and maintaining distressed furniture for long-term beauty.

Head to the blog for step-by-step instructions and prodict links for this distressing project.

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