The Best Primer for Kitchen Cabinets (2024)

Learn about choosing the best Primer for your kitchen cabinet painting job.

Learn about  my recommended products, including  Benjamin Moore Stix Primer, and Advance Paint, for optimal results.

Explore a simplified 3-step painting process (including cleaning, priming and painting) that eliminates the need for time-consuming sanding.

Understand how tannins in wood can affect your project and the solution provided with a 2-primer system.

Estimate the cost of priming and painting cabinets, including essential items like Dirtex Cleaner, Stix Primer, and Advance Paint.

Learn how to determine if you need a blocking primer or a bonding primer- or both!

Get my top two primers for Painting your kitchen cabinets and learn why these primers stand about the rest!

Head to the blog to read The Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets (2024) to learn about primers  and to start your kitchen transformation!

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