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Easy DIY Dried Lavender Sachets (no sew)

Simple no sew lavender sachets made with canvas.
Prep Time10 mins
20 mins
Total Time30 mins


  • Start by gathering all your supplies. For each sachet you are making - with your scissors cut a 12" x 5" piece of canvas. (you will be folding the canvas in half to make a 6" x 5" sachet)
    canvas with measurements for sachet. 12" x 5"
  • By simply pulling the edges of the canvas begin to fray the edges. This step is optional but I love how the edges look when they are frayed.
    showing how to fray the edges of the canvas
  • Discard the fabric you pulled off of the edges.
    a hand full of the left over strings from fraying the edges of the canvas
  • Fold the fabric up to create a 6" x 5" sachet. The fold will be on the bottom of the sachet.
    folding the fabric in 1/2 to make the form of the sachet.
  • Press the lavender bunch stamp on the ink pad to transfer the ink to the stamp.
    taking the lavender stem stamp and pressing it on the ink pad.
  • Move the stamp to the front of the sachet and press firmly to transfer the image.
    pressing the stamp onto the front of the sachet.
  • With a purple marker of your choice, simply color in the lavender flowers.
    using a purple marker to color in the stamp to make it look more like lavender.
  • Then color in the bow that is tied around the lavender stamp.
    coloring the bow on the bunch of lavender as well.
  • Unfold the canvas and with your hot glue gun, add glue around the top 6" x 5" section of the canvas cloth. This outline of glue will go above the fold.
    using. glue gun to place glue around the edges of the sachet.
  • Nestle the lavender bag in the center of the top portion, in the center of the glue and fold the bottom 1/2 up to meet the top and press to seal.
    adding the lavender to the sachet before sealing.
  • With a hole puncher punch two holes at the top of the sachet. This is where the string will go.
    using a hole puncher to cut two holds for the string.
  • The holes should be approximately 1" in from the edge of the sachet.
    demonstrating that the holes should be about 1" in from the edge of the sachet.
  • Cut a 30" section of the light purple string (or piece of ribbon)
    lavender string cut 30" long.
  • Fold the string in half - essentially doubling it.
    doubling the lavender string.
  • Feed the double string through the hole from back to front.
    feeding the string through the holes from back to front.
  • Repeat on the other side.
    repeat on the other side.
  • Tie a simple knot on the end of the string.
    tie each string in a simple knot.
  • You may leave the string (which is now a hanger) as is or tie a knot on the top.
    add a knot to the top of the string.