Turns out sachets are not only fun to say they are easy to make too! I love a simple no-sew project and you know I love to pull out my glue gun for easy craft projects! Today I’m sharing how to make no sew lavender sachets (easy step-by-step instructions). Let’s jump in!

pile of completed sachets.

For these sachets, sometimes referred to as lavender bags, I bought pre-bagged dry lavender from Amazon and just gave them a new look using canvas, hemp twine, and a lavender stamp. Other than the fabric, all supplies were bought from Amazon and at my front door in no time! These fabric sachets make great gifts and best of all – no sewing machine is required!

A Little Sachet History:

This project made me curious about the history of sachets. With a quick google search, I learned that sachets date back to the 15th century when garments made of fancy velvet and silk could not be washed and they needed something to…um…make them smell good (insert cringe face) Enter the scented sachet! Knowing this I am now forever thankful for sachets (and today’s dry cleaners)! I also learned that during that time they became a staple for the wealthy and their use and charm have carried through the centuries.

single completed sachet showing the purple string.

Today’s uses for Lavender Sachets:

  • Place the finished sachet in a lingerie drawer or linen closet to add a fresh scent to your clothes and linens.
  • Place inside shoes (or a sock drawer) that need a little freshening up.
  • Hang these simple lavender sachets in your closet to enjoy a lavender smell each time you open the door.
  • Keep it in your car for a fresh scent and as a natural alternative to car fresheners.
  • Slide a homemade lavender sachet under your pillow for a better night’s sleep.
  • Toss it in your dryer with your laundry.

Note: Lavender sachets can be used as a natural alternative to mothballs.

the tools and supplies for this project.

Supplies and Tools:

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Variations and Special Considerations:

  • Fabric: The trick here is to choose a fabric that is not too thin and flimsy. It is also important not to choose one that is thick and stiff. A nice medium-weight canvas or cotton duck should do. A drop cloth would work well for this project. In terms of color, you can choose white or tan. I would not suggest going too dark so you can see the stamp image. For a unique look, you can also use printed pieces of fabric this would be a great way to use up your pretty fabric scraps.
  • Lavender: I chose these little bags of lavender buds for ease. They are already bundled using a netting bag and are easily placed in the canvas cover. You may use loose lavender as well. I would just wrap it in cheesecloth or a similar lightweight fabric before placing it in the canvas cover. The netting or cheesecloth will ensure the smell of lavender is still present once covered in canvas. To enhance the lavender scent you can add drops of lavender essential oil. (see steps for drying fresh lavender plants below)
  • String: A natural twine, ribbon or even kitchen poultry string would work great for these sachets. You could also use a pretty piece of ribbon. You can also skip the string for a drawer sachet that is tucked in with clothing.
  • Marker: Any purple marker will do or leave the stamped lavender as is!
  • Glue: My go-to is always a hot glue gun because it dries so fast. You could certainly use fabric glue for these sachets as well. If it’s a sewing project you are looking for simply swap out the glue and stitch these closed with your sewing machine.

Steps for Drying Fresh Lavender

If you are a gardener perhaps you want to use some of your own lavender for this project. The first step is to dry it by following these simple steps.

  1. Cut the stems when they are almost, but not yet in full bloom. This is when you can see the purple and the flowers are most fragrant. Rule of thumb, the best time to cut the flowers for drying is when the buds are bright purple, and right before they open. 
  2. Grab a bundle of stems and tie the stems with elastic or twine. Loop through an extra piece of twine or open a paper clip and thread the paper clip through the bundle wrap to hang it upside down to dry.
  3. Dry the bundles in a dark, warm place. A basement or closet comes to mind.
  4. Wait until they are completely dry (typically 2-4 weeks) then with your fingers remove the blooms from the bottom up. Be sure to do this over a pan, piece of paper or tissue, or a box so you can catch all the dried lavender.
  5. If you do not have enough lavender to fill the sachet, you can make a lavender mixture by adding dried rice. Three cups of rice to one cup of lavender is a great ratio to go by. Please keep in mind if you are adding rice you may want to enhance the scent by adding lavender drops. 12 drops to the mixture ratios mentioned above should do the trick.
  6. Store extra lavender buds in an air-tight container away from direct sunlight to ensure it keeps its color and fragrance for years to come.

Note: Not a gardener? You can often find fresh and dried lavender at your local farmers market.

How to Make Lavender Sachets Without Sewing

Easy DIY Dried Lavender Sachets (no sew)

Simple no sew lavender sachets made with canvas.
Prep Time10 minutes
20 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Author: Stephanie LeBlanc


  • Start by gathering all your supplies. For each sachet you are making – with your scissors cut a 12" x 5" piece of canvas. (you will be folding the canvas in half to make a 6" x 5" sachet)
    photo showing the measurements of the fabric for making the sachet.
  • By simply pulling the edges of the canvas begin to fray the edges. This step is optional but I love how the edges look when they are frayed.
    showing the raw edge of the fabric with the frayed edge.
  • Discard the fabric you pulled off of the edges.
    handful if string pulled from the fabric
  • Fold the fabric up to create a 6" x 5" sachet. The fold will be on the bottom of the sachet.
    showing how to pull the sides of the fabric to make it appear frayed.
  • Press the lavender bunch stamp on the ink pad to transfer the ink to the stamp.
    wooden stamp to imprint the lavender print.
  • Move the stamp to the front of the sachet and press firmly to transfer the image.
    the printed lavender bundle using the wooden stamp.
  • With a purple marker of your choice, simply color in the lavender flowers.
    using a market to color in the lavender.
  • Then color in the bow that is tied around the lavender stamp.
    coloring in the lavender and the bow purple.
  • Unfold the canvas and with your hot glue gun, add glue around the top 6" x 5" section of the canvas cloth. This outline of glue will go above the fold.
    place glue from the glue gun around the perimeter of the fabric.
  • Nestle the lavender bag in the center of the top portion, in the center of the glue and fold the bottom 1/2 up to meet the top and press to seal.
    showing the lavender pouch and where it goes in the sachet.
  • With a hole puncher punch two holes at the top of the sachet. This is where the string will go.
    using a hole puncher to make holes for the string.
  • The holes should be approximately 1" in from the edge of the sachet.
    measuring the top of the sache showing where the holes go.
  • Cut a 30" section of the light purple string (or piece of ribbon)
    measurement of string needed for this project.
  • Fold the string in half – essentially doubling it.
    length of string shown doubled.
  • Feed the double string through the hole from back to front.
    feeding the doubled string through the hole.
  • Repeat on the other side.
    full view of 1 finished sachet.
  • Tie a simple knot on the end of the string.
    photo showing the strings coming through the holes and tied.
  • You may leave the string (which is now a hanger) as is or tie a knot on the top.
    single completed sachet showing the purple string.

I made several of these easy DIY dried lavender sachets for my vintage booth and they went fast! They make a perfect gift for Mother’s day and wonderful favors for a bridal shower. I hope you give them a try! You can view an easy tutorial here: Instagram.

If DIYing is your thing, you may also like my DIY crockpot candles or my Cupcake liner wreath! For more handmade gifts please visit my teacher gifts/hostess gifts/favors Pinterest board.

Thanks for visiting the blog today for how to make no sew lavender sachets! 

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