Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Origin: Developed by Annie Sloan in 1990, this water-based paint requires minimal prep work, saving time for furniture artists.

No Sanding Required: Unlike traditional paints, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint does not need sanding or priming before application..

Perfect for Distressing: The porous texture of chalk paint makes distressing easy, allowing artists to create a weathered, aged appearance effortlessly.

Durability with Proper Application: When properly sealed with wax or Polycrylic, chalk paint offers surprisingly durable results, making it suitable for everyday use.

Wide Range of Colors: With over 40 shades available, including rich tones and neutrals, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint offers endless possibilities for customization. My favorite are her White's!

Preferred by Furniture Refinishers: Novice and experienced refinishers alike appreciate the forgiving nature of chalk paint and its ability to transform old furniture.

Part of a Thriving Market: While Annie Sloan Chalk Paint remains a favorite, other brands like Dixie Belle and Wise Owl offer competitive options with unique characteristics and color ranges.

Head to the blog to learn more about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (one of my favorites!) and furniture refinishing. 

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