Prepping the Plates

To ensure that the plates had good contact with the wreath, I knew I needed to add something so they would sit flush on the wreath. I found these cork coasters and they did the trick! I glued one on the bottom of each plate using the E 6000 and let them dry overnight. As you can see, this was a loooooooong project but letting everything dry overnight seemed important. I kept the Celebrated Nest Tribe abreast on all developments and in return they cheered me on and offered great advice!

Once the glued Cork coasters were dried I started assembly again, but this time with more success! I believe the gooey-ness and stickiness of the E 6000 seemed to be a better match for this project. The key was letting it adhere and dry before moving to the next step. In other words, I needed to be patient (something I’m not known for, lol)

I glued down the first layer. Separately I also glued the little cups to their saucers. Then began to stack and place the second layer while being mindful of making sure I was placing the pieces in a way that allowed the most contact (lesson learned from failed plan A).

Hanging the Plate Wreath

Finally, wreath done!! Now to hang this monster! As you can imagine it weighed quite a bit so my husband and I had to be super mindful of this. To support it we decided to hang the wreath from the actual wreath form by placing 2 screws with anchors on the inside – 1 the 11:00 point and the second at 1:00. The screw was not flush with the wall and left a little extended to support the wreath.

View of the layout of plate wreath.

Once the wreath was hung I realized I had a small open space on the right side. I told you this project didn’t go too smoothly, lol. I was hoping it would not be too noticeable but it was. With very little space to work with ( a full china piece would not fit), I took one of the cups and saucers that were left over and placed it in a large ziploc bag and with a hammer light tapped it until it broke. I then pieced the cup together and glued it to cover the open space. Honestly this project was allllll about trouble-shooting from day 1. In the end I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s one of a kind and it’s done!!!

view of the china wreath hung in our dining room.

Tacking the Ribbon

I finished by tacking up the ribbon to give the appearance that the wreath is hanging from from the ribbon. Hopefully my mistakes and errors will help you with how to make a wreath from assorted china plates. Next I want to try my hand at a tea cup wreath like this one I found on Pinterest!

china plate wreath with christmas greens and twinkle lights.

Here is the plate wreath with Christmas greens and twinkle lights for Christmas.

Thank you for visiting the blog for How To Make A Wreath From Assorted China Plates. As always, I am happy to answer any questions you have! Just leave a comment below! If you like DIY projects please be sure to view my other posts!

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  1. darlene stanton says

    Good morning wow I would love to have a speck of your talent and patience and perseverance! I love old china pieces and have quite a few from mom . She received tea cup sets for wedding shower gifts apparently that was quite popular 60 years ago ! I was thinking for the decorative and creative challenged like myself it would be helpful if yoor talents were shared on a YouTube site ! Or maybe you could offer a class and charge a fee to have you help with these fun projects. Ofcoarse you wouldn’t want it to be to time consuming .Maybe you could host at a venue that wasn’t far from you or at your beautiful home ? You are so talented and although I love everything my first reaction is always nope I could never do that I am not creative or patient enough to do any projects . I am so intimidated by creativity haha For now I will continue to enjoy and admire your gorgeous posts and look forward to seeing your next design !! You inspire so many ! Take care and stay well in this current crazy crisis ! Xo

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