Meet Stephanie

A photo of me with peach and cream colored roses.

Welcome to CelebratedNest! My name is Stephanie LeBlanc, and I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by. This cozy corner of the internet is where I share my passion for warm, inviting home spaces and DIY projects.

My Expertise

With over 10 years as a professional floral designer and small business owner, I love bringing my creative eye to every room. I especially enjoy upcycling thrifted treasures and experimenting with wallpaper, paint techniques, mixing texture and fabrics. I expertly blend vintage items into contemporary spaces, seamlessly integrating modern vibes with timeless elements. I also specialize in using unconventional materials, as seen in projects like:

Collaborating on our DIY ventures, my husband Ray contributes invaluable expertise to our projects. With over 30 years as a skilled carpenter, his ability to build and construct anything always amazes me. Together, we’ve successfully undertaken numerous home renovations and crafted custom pieces, blending my design ideas with his exceptional skill set.

Currently, we’re busy transforming our standard New England home into a space we love through our projects. I’m excited to take you along for the ride! I’ll provide guidance through beginner-friendly DIYs, share my favorite decorating tips, and recommend products that inspire.

Me working a project with wall paper and scissors.

Our Family

Ray and I have also spent the last 31 years raising our 4 wonderful kids here in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. While they’re spreading their wings now, family is at the heart of everything we do. I want this blog to feel like home – a welcoming place for creativity, community, and a dash of inspiration for your own spaces.

My family, my three sons, my daughter, my husband and our chocolate lab.

My Approach

I believe your home should spark joy and reflect your unique style. You don’t need an expansive budget or an estate to create a space you love. Small upgrades and personal touches go a long way!

On the blog, I share budget-friendly projects, easy beginner DIYs, before-and-after makeovers, product recommendations, and creative inspiration for every room. My goal is to empower you to embrace your home and your own decor vision.

I hope you find motivation and ideas here, as we celebrate the beauty of our spaces together! Please reach out anytime – I’d love to hear from you.

Welcome to our home, where the door is always open and the coffee and ideas are flowing – grab a cup and join me! 

I’m so glad you are here!

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More About Stephanie & the Blog

Where did “Celebrated Nest” come from?

Your home is very much your nest – a sanctuary to express your style, welcome loved ones, and make memories. It should be celebrated!
The name Celebrated Nest captures my belief that every home is unique and deserves to be cherished. My goal is to inspire you to create a personalized haven that brings you happiness through decorative touches big and small. Let your home be a retreat that recharges you so you can celebrate life’s beautiful moments.
Just as each bird feathers its nest with care, I hope to motivate you to embrace your authentic style and infuse TLC into your spaces. Your home is where your heart is…so it’s worthy of celebration!

Where are you located?

I live with my family in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, right outside of Boston. It’s a beautiful New England town and the start of our beloved Boston Marathon.

What’s your favorite room to decorate?

I love styling our cozy living room! It’s where we gather as a family so it’s important that it feels warm and inviting.

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes from everywhere – nature, travel, magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and most of all, visiting my favorite boutiques and antiquing.

What can readers expect from your blog?

Anticipate budget-friendly DIY ideas, before-and-after home makeovers, styling tips, and inspiration for adding personality to your space. With a focus on utilizing unexpected materials for projects, alongside floral designs, seasonal decor, and plant care insights, I aim to encourage you to embrace your unique decor style.

How often do you publish new content?

I publish new posts 1-2 times per week, with new DIY tutorials, room makeovers, holiday inspiration, and affordable product roundups. I also share floral designs, fun plant ideas, and plant care posts!

What else can readers do to support you?

I’d be grateful if you’d subscribe by email, follow along on social media, share posts you love, or leave comments and feedback! Word of mouth means so much.

Do you do Interior design consultations?

No, I don’t offer interior design consultations. Instead, I share my expertise through my blog, offering instructions to empower homeowners to handle their own projects effectively. I’m always here to answer any questions you may have.

A photo of me placing the cherry blossom flowers on branches.

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Happy exploring!

Stephanie’s Favorite Projects

Our completed laundry room with IKEA built in, wallpaper and decor.

IKEA Laundry Room Makeover

The Laundry Room Remodel is a dream! We revamped our laundry/mud room as we merged two disjointed spaces into a single, cohesive area, customized to meet our their needs. With raised front-loading appliances, ample storage, and a streamlined dog walking station, discover how we optimized functionality while maintaining style in our IKEA Laundry Room Makeover.

Our upper kitchen cabinets painted with Willow Creek from Benjamin Moore.

Our Painted Kitchen Cabinets

This project captures the essence of home transformation, showcasing how we breathed new life into our outdated oak kitchen cabinets with Benjamin Moore’s Willow Creek. Dive into the details—from elevating style with custom touches to choosing the perfect grey, discover the steps for a cozy and welcoming kitchen makeover.

an old toile style chandelier that has been painted with embroidery hoops circling to create an orb style light fixture.

My Upcycle of an Old Chandelier Using Embroidery Hoops

This dining room light fixture project brilliantly combines creativity and resourcefulness, transforming an existing chandelier into a stunning DIY farmhouse orb light using embroidery hoops. The post details the step-by-step process, from ordering the hoops to assembling the orb, providing a cost-effective and stylish solution for updating light fixtures.

A fireplace screen made from wallpaper.

My Fireplace Cover Screen

This project guides you through the creation of a DIY Fireplace Cover Board, offering a simple and cost-effective solution to refresh your living room fireplace. Providing an instant transformation, this project not only elevates the aesthetics of your fireplace but also serves functional benefits as a draft stopper, reducing cold air infiltration during winter months. With easy installation, customizable design, and minimal supplies, the DIY Fireplace Cover Board becomes a versatile and stylish focal point year-round. Enjoy the unique appeal of this reader-approved project, adding a touch of creativity to your living space while enhancing its overall warmth and charm.

China wreath - a wreath I crafted out of china pieces. I choose gold and white china and layered them on a wreath form.

My China Plate Wreath

Embark on a creative adventure with this DIY wreath made from assorted china plates. Thrifted treasures come to life as the plates are layered, glued, and hung, resulting in a stunning and unique home decor piece. This project, buzzing on Pinterest, offers a step-by-step guide for transforming budget-friendly china into a harmonious and eye-catching wreath, blending white and gold tones for a captivating dining room centerpiece.

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