Hey friends! The holiday season is the perfect time to show teachers some extra appreciation with a unique, handmade gift. As a parent, I know how hard teachers work day in and day out. They deserve something heartfelt yet upscale, made just for them!

In this post “The Best Gifts for Teachers Come in a Jar”, I’ll share 4 of my favorite DIY Christmas gift ideas you can make in a jar (including printable gift tags). While these homemade jar gifts are ideal for teachers, they would also make thoughtful presents for any loved one on your list!

I’ll provide step-by-step instructions for an elegant scented fragrance mason jar, festive mistletoe candle, stovetop potpourri and gourmet herbed salt – all ideal for even the most discerning teacher. While budget-friendly to make, these homemade gifts have an elevated feel that sets them apart. Any teacher would be thrilled to receive something thoughtful you crafted yourself.

So grab your jars and let’s get crafting! I can’t wait to help you make these unique, handmade gifts to really wow your child’s teacher or other special recipient this holiday season.

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Why It’s Important to Remember Teachers During the Holidays

  • Teachers work tirelessly all year long to educate and care for our children. The holidays are the perfect time to show your gratitude.
  • Holiday gifts and cards from students mean a lot to teachers and make them feel appreciated.
  • Public school teachers often have to spend their own money on school supplies. A holiday gift helps demonstrate that their dedication has not gone unnoticed.
  • It’s a thoughtful way to spread extra holiday cheer to hardworking special teachers.
  • With holiday breaks, teachers enjoy quality time with their own families. Giving a fun gift celebrates their role in helping shape our children.
  • Homemade gifts or heartfelt notes from children are especially meaningful for teachers.
  • After the busy hustle of the school year, a gift reinforces that your kids’ teachers are remembered and valued.
  • It’s a great way for your child to say thank you to their teacher before the break.
  • Giving instills the value of gratitude in children and highlights the importance of teachers.

Project 1: DIY Fragrance Jar

Make this holiday season extra special by gifting your child’s teacher a “Woodland Retreat” fragrance jar. It’s the perfect blend of nature’s scents and rustic charm, carefully handmade to show your appreciation. Whether they’re enjoying the soothing aroma or using it as a cozy centerpiece, this unique gift is the perfect size and is sure to brighten their holiday season.

A large wide mouth ball jar filled with fresh greens, cinnamon sticks, mini pine cones, anise stars and a floating candle.

Supplies for the DIY Fragrance Jar

(yield: 1 Jar)

A close view of the fragrance jar which is filled with christmas greens, cinnamon sticks, mini pine cones and anise stars.


  1. Print the Printable gift tags on cardstock for durability. (You can use your home printer or get them printed at a print center or Staples)
  2. Separate the gift tags along the perforated lines.
  3. Use a hole punch to create a hole in the upper left corner of the gift tag.
  4. On the back of a gift card, write your child’s name.
  5. Wrap the top of the jar with raffia and secure it with a bow.
  6. Thread the raffia through the hole and tie the tag onto the jar using the same raffia (or ribbon).
  7. Arrange the ingredients in the jar with greens positioned stems down and needles facing up. Do not add water to the jar, the ingredients go in dry.
  8. Ensure that all items are cut to sit below the anticipated water line.
  9. Finish by placing the candle on top.

Note: Avoid using the jar cover for this gift, as the contents are intended to spill out, creating a beautifully arranged presentation.

the fragrance jar with the candle lit.

Why Your Child’s Teacher Will Love This Gift

  • Aromatic Bliss: It provides a warm, inviting natural scent from aromatic pine, herbs, and spices.
  • Natural Charm: The different visual elements like apples, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks give it a rustic, decorative touch. Much prettier than a typical candle.
  • Handmade: It was thoughtfully handmade just for them. The time and care put into it shows how much they’re appreciated.
  • Sustainable Keepsake: They can reuse the glass jar next year by changing out the ingredients for a fresh scent. It’s a keepsake craft.
  • Cozy Ambiance: The floating candle gives it a cozy glow. Teachers can use it to provide a relaxing ambiance at home during the season.
  • Unique Appreciation: It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind gift they likely wouldn’t buy for themselves. This sets it apart from typical teacher gifts.
  • Fragrant: All the components smell amazing on their own, and even better combined. The scent combo is rich and seasonal making it one of the best Christmas gifts for teachers.
2 fragrance jars fill with fragrant filled greens, cinnamon sticks, dried apples and star anise. These are the completed project for The Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers.

Project 2: DIY Scented Candle in a Jar with Ornament

Crafting a DIY mistletoe candle in a crockpot is the perfect gift for your child’s favorite educator. As one of the best teacher gift ideas, it adds a personal touch to the holiday season. The best part? The addition of the sweet mistletoe ornament is a heartfelt way to show your appreciation.

A DIY candle in a mason jar with a red bow, gift tag and a silver mistletoe ornament.

Supplies for the DIY Scented Candle in a Jar with Ornament

(yield: 1 Jar)


Making the candle:

  1. Fill a jar to the top with wax, place it in the crockpot, and cover it.
  2. Boil water on the stove and pour it into the crockpot around the wax-filled jar.
  3. Set the crockpot to high for 1 hour to melt the wax.
  4. Once the wax is melted, add more to fill the jar, cover, and wait 30 minutes or until fully melted.
  5. Carefully lift the jar out of the crockpot using a potholder (the wax may appear yellow but will dry white).
  6. Add 1 tablespoon of Mistletoe essential oil using a measuring spoon, then stir with a coffee stirrer. Discard the coffee stirrer when done.
  7. Take a wick and place the metal tab at the jar’s bottom, wrapping the wick above the jar and laying it across the mouth (centered).
  8. Allow the wax to dry for approximately 3 hours.
  9. Trim the wick so about 1/4 inch is above the wax.

Visit my post How To Make Easy, Mess-free DIY Crockpot Scented Candles for more ideas!

Preparing the gift tag:

  1. Remove the mistletoe ornament from the card.
  2. Cut out the Mistletoe message from the card that was attached to the ornament.
  3. Punch a hole in the gift tag’s left corner.
  4. Sign your child’s name on the back.


  1. Cover the jar and cut a 14″ piece of ribbon for the neck, securing it with a simple knot.
  2. Slide the mistletoe gift card onto the right tail, bringing it up to the knot.
  3. Bend the ribbon hanger attached to the ornament towards the back and attach the ornament to the front of the jar.
  4. Tie the ribbon tails beneath the first branch of the ornament.
  5. Create a two-sided bow by looping the ribbon to the right and then to the left. Tighten it in the center.
  6. Position the ribbon on top of the knot and tie the bow securely.
  7. Cut the ribbon tails at an angle.
  8. For an optional touch, add a sprig of fresh Christmas greens under the bow.

Note: To save money, you may choose to omit the ornament and solely gift the DIY candle.

Why Your Child’s Teacher Will Love This Gift

  • Thoughtful Homemade Gesture: Your child’s teacher will appreciate the time and effort put into creating a handmade gift.
  • Festive Seasonal Scent: The mistletoe-scented candle adds a delightful holiday ambiance to their home.
  • Unique Keepsake: The silver mistletoe ornament serves as a memorable keepsake and a lovely addition to their holiday decorations.
  • Personal Touch: The attached card with a message about the significance of mistletoe shows you’ve put extra care into this perfect present.
  • Relaxation and Warmth: The candle provides a cozy glow, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere during the festive season.
  • Scented Enjoyment: Teachers can savor the rich and seasonal fragrance of mistletoe in the comfort of their homes.
  • Meaningful Decor: This best Christmas gifts for teachers project includes a silver mistletoe ornament that can be a cherished part of their holiday tree, bringing a touch of warmth to their holiday decor.
  • A Welcome Break: Your child’s teacher can take a moment to unwind and enjoy the soothing scent, which is especially valuable during the busy holiday season.

Project 3: DIY Rosemary Salt

Create a DIY rosemary salt in a jar for your child’s favorite teacher – it’s a thoughtful teacher Christmas present, idea that adds a little extra love to your holiday greetings and won’t take up too much time.

The completed rosemary salt in a jar with kraft cover, tine and fresh sprigs of rosemary.

Supplies for the DIY Rosemary Salt

(yield: 1 Jar)


Making the salt:

  1. To measure the correct amount of salt, carefully pour it into the ball jar.
  2. Strip the leaves from the stems of rosemary.
  3. Place the salt and the rosemary in a food processor.
  4. Pulse the ingredients 5-10 times, or until the herbs are ground to your desired texture.
  5. If you’re using fresh herbs, evenly spread the mixture on a cookie sheet (covered with parchment paper – optional). Leave the sheet out to dry for a few hours otherwise, the salt will clump.

Note: If you are using 2-3 tablespoons of dried rosemary, you can skip step number 5. Additionally, if you do not have a food processor, a blender or a clean coffee grinder will work.

Preparing the gift tag:

  1. Download and save the Free Printable gift tag.
  2. Print in color on sturdy card stock from your home printer or at a print store for better quality.
  3. Carefully cut along the provided guidelines using scissors.
  4. Use a hole punch to create a hole in the upper left corner of the gift tag.
  5. Flip the tag and add your child’s name with a personal touch.


  1. Scoop the dried herb mixture into glass jars and screw the lid on.
  2. Cut a kraft paper circle that is 2″ wider than the jar cover.
  3. Place the kraft circle on the lid and press it to fit snugly.
  4. Use kitchen twine to fasten the kraft paper to the jar, tying a knot while leaving 4″ tails.
  5. Tuck two fresh rosemary sprigs behind the knot.
  6. Slide the gift tag up the right tail to the knot.
  7. Secure the small wooden spoon on top of the knot.
  8. Complete the presentation with a two-sided loop bow, securing it on the knot.
  9. Trim the tails to your desired length.

Why Teachers Will Love This Homemade Herb Seasoning Blend:

  1. Unique and Handmade: This great gift shows your appreciation through the time and effort you put into creating a unique seasoning blend from scratch.
  2. Versatile: Teachers can use this seasoning to enhance the flavors of various dishes, making it a practical and versatile gift.
  3. Personal Touch: Homemade gifts always carry a personal touch, letting teachers know you’ve gone the extra mile to show your gratitude.
  4. Great for Cooking Enthusiasts: Teachers who enjoy cooking will especially appreciate this thoughtful gift as it adds flavor to their culinary creations.
  5. Long-Lasting: This seasoning blend can be used over an extended period, reminding teachers of your gratitude every time they reach for it in their kitchen.
  6. Reusable Jar: The glass jar can be repurposed for other kitchen needs or simply as a keepsake, adding to the value of the gift.

Project 4: Stovetop Christmas Potpourri

This festive stovetop potpourri jar will infuse your child’s teacher’s home with a delightful holiday aroma using simple natural ingredients. Whole cloves, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, and clementines are attractively layered in a glass jar, tied with ribbon, and embellished with pine and pinecones. Simmering the jar over low heat releases the scents of spice and citrus, providing a soothing sensory experience perfect for the holidays. Craft this easy DIY potpourri and let your teacher’s home smell like Christmas!

jar of fresh fruit and herbs for a stovetop potpourri.

Supplies for the Stovetop Christmas Potpourri

(yield: 1 Jar)


  • 1/2 Cup Fresh Cranberries
  • 1 Tablespoon Whole cloves
  • 1-2 Rosemary Sprigs
  • 1 -2 Cinnamon sticks
  • 1 Small Clementine (Cut into slices if too big for the jar)


  • 16 ounce Glass canning jar with lid
  • 1/4 inch Christmas themed Ribbon
  • Fresh pine sprig
  • 1 Mini pinecone
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Gift tag
  • Kitchen twine


  1. Add the fresh cranberries to the bottom of the jar.
  2. Next add the whole cloves on top of the cranberries.
  3. Place the rosemary sprigs in the jar next. Arrange them sticking straight up.
  4. Add the cinnamon sticks around the outer edges with the rosemary.
  5. Lastly, place the clementine (or slices) attractively on top.
  6. Put the lid on the jar and tighten.
  7. Take a length of ribbon and tie it around the bottom of the jar, wrapping up to the lid and tie in a knot.
  8. With the ribbon ends, tie them into a simple bow.
  9. Tuck a little bit of fresh pine behind the bow.
  10. Use a glue gun to attach a mini pinecone below the bow.

Preparing the gift tag:

  1. Download and save the Gift tag from Etsy.
  2. Print in color on sturdy card stock from your home printer or at a print store for better quality.
  3. Carefully cut along the provided guidelines using scissors.
  4. Use a hole punch to create a hole in the upper left corner of the gift tag.
  5. Flip the tag and add your child’s name with a personal touch.
  6. Use twine to attach the gift tag to the jar.
me holding the gift tag over the jar.

Why Teachers Will Love This Stovetop Christmas Potpourri:

  1. Festive Aroma: This potpourri fills the home with delightful holiday scents like cinnamon, clove, and citrus. The perfect way to enjoy the scents of the season.
  2. Natural Ingredients: The simple, natural ingredients provide an inviting aroma without harsh chemicals.
  3. Easy to Make: This potpourri is a great option since it comes together with minimal effort using basic kitchen tools.
  4. Budget-Friendly: Making your own potpourri costs just a fraction of purchasing pre-made options.
  5. Personalized Scent: Customize the aroma by choosing your own combination of spices, fruits, and herbs.
  6. Soothing Experience: The scented steam creates a soothing, spa-like experience perfect for relaxing.
  7. Holiday Ambiance: This DIY project will infuse their home with nostalgic holiday aroma to set the scene.
  8. Makes a Great Gift: Such a great handmade gift for loved ones who enjoy cozy holiday scents.
  9. Decorative Elements: Touches like pine, pinecones, and ribbon add festive flair.
  10. Reusable Jar: Repurpose the glass jar for future potpourri or general kitchen use.
stovetop potpourri in a pan with water.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers

What if I can’t find certain supplies?

Get creative with substitutions! For the fragrance jar, use any combo of dried herbs, fruits, and pinecones. In the candle, substitute any winter essential oil. For the salt, use dried parsley, dill, or other herbs on hand. Additionally, visit a local craft store for ribbons in different colors, different size jars, and other items to add to your fragrance jars. Remember, the best Christmas gifts for teachers are the heartfelt ones that show your creativity and appreciation for their dedication and hard work throughout the year.

How far in advance can I make these?

Assemble the fragrance jar and stovetop potpourri only 1-2 days ahead of gift giving to keep the fresh greens. You can prepare the salt mix 1-2 weeks in advance but only add the fresh sprigs of rosemary a day before. For the candle, create it a week before gifting to ensure it retains its delightful scent.

Can kids help make these gifts?

Absolutely! Have them help layer the fragrance jars and salt mixes. With supervision, they can help add candle ingredients to the crockpot. Just be mindful of safety with hot wax. Writing their own cards is a cute way to make it special.

When is the best time to give a Christmas gift to a teacher?

The best time to give these DIY mason jar gifts is usually before the holiday break, so teachers can enjoy it during their time off. However, any time during the holiday season is suitable.

What can I add to one of these jars to make it extra special?

There are various ways to make the jar extra special for a great teacher, consider adding a handwritten note of appreciation and, if possible, a gift certificate, Amazon gift card, Target gift card or other favorite things. Your thoughtful words and a little extra treat will show your gratitude and make the gift even more meaningful.

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There you have it, my friends! Four meaningful DIY gift jars ready to show your favorite teachers some love. Unique teacher gift ideas like these scented candles, herb mixes, stovetop potpourri, and fragrance jars have so much heart. And they still provide usefulness – teachers can enjoy these handcrafted favorite gifts long after the holidays.

The perfect Christmas gift ideas have come a long way from the traditional coffee mugs. These thoughtful and personalized DIY teacher gifts in a jar are a unique and heartfelt way to express your appreciation to fabulous teachers who have made a difference.

I hope you enjoyed this post on Mason jar teacher gifts and feel motivated and creative to whip up one of these gifts from the heart this teacher appreciation season. I just know your child’s teacher will be so touched by this great handmade gift that shows your thoughtfulness, creativity, and appreciation.

Keep creating friends!

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