Well I got my craft on today and made this easy to make cupcake liner wreath! Since I am officially on summer vacation, I see nothing wrong with spending some of my day glueing cupcake liners on to a wreath form! It was fun and way better than cleaning or doing laundry!

a wreath made of cupcake liners

I have a coffee filter wreath saved on my Pinterest and I do hope to make one some day, but for this project I needed something smaller than coffee filters, so why not cupcake liners?!? They were the perfect size for this 10″wreath. Super simple project and this wreath balances out my mantel display both in scale and with white tones. Below are the details!

tools and supplies for this project including styro wreath, ribbon, glue gin and cupcake liners.


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Cupcake Liner Wreath

A quick and easy project requiring just a few supplies!
Prep Time15 minutes
Total Time40 minutes


  • To make the cupcake liner flowers (florets), simply pinch each liner to create a little paper flower.
    Note: I found it easiest to have several of the cupcake liner florets made before I started glueing.
    I'm pinching a cupcake liner into a little flower
  • With a hot glue gun add some glue to the outside of the wreath form and then place the pinched liner florets, puffy side facing out. Before covering the top, Ioop and glued the ribbon around the wreath form so you can place the florets over the ribbon.
    a ribbon wrapped arounf the top of a styrofoam wreath.
  • Continue to glue the florets around the outside edge, then move to the inside edge doing your best to keep the florets even. Once that is done, fill in the front of the wreath.
    the wreath getting filled with the liners.

The Design:

I layered several mirrors on our mantel and hung the wreath from one of them. On the upper right corner I hung an empty picture frame and hung a simple faux hydrangea bloom. The mirrors were white and cream-colored and this white cupcake liner wreath seemed to balanced out this space.

mantel with layers mirrors. one of the moirrors has the cupcake liner wreath hanging from it.

I love this light, bright airy design for summer! Although there isn’t a lot of color, the variety of mirror frames and the layering in this design brings texture to this design as does the hydrangea and easy to make cupcake liner wreath.

full view of the fireplace with mirrors and the wreath hanging.

Pin it for later:

Thank you for visiting the blog today for this easy to make cupcake liner wreath! Grab your glue gun and have fun with it! The kraft (brown) paper liners would be so pretty for fall or consider a colorful one in the spring! So many options!

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