Today I’m sharing a quick little DIY on my no rod – drop cloth curtains – aaaaaand I am super excited to share the unexpected materials I used! These curtains are so (or should I say “sew”) simple they can be done in an afternoon! Seriously!

About the Curtain Panels

First, the “panels” are drop cloths, that’s right, good ‘ole painters drop cloths. Drop cloths come with perfectly finished hems, so no sewing needed. Love that! Drop cloths are also neutral and these canvas/cotton ones offer some nice texture to the room. I left them as is but you can also bleach them for a lighter color. You can purchase them at Lowes or Home Depot, I ordered mine from Amazon – because – ya know- Amazon Prime 😉 Drop cloths come in different lengths so be sure to measure for the length that fits your windows – I prefer to have mine “puddle” a bit on the floor – with this in mind, I figured in an extra 3″ when measuring for mine. For a lighter effect on for your windows, you can also cut them length-wise to get 2 panels out of one drop cloth. You can either hem the raw edge or leave it (shhhh! no one needs to know 😉 )

no rod drop cloth curtains

Assembling the Panels

For panel assembly – after washing and drying the drop cloths I took hair ties – yes, you read that right!! Thick black Scunci (or Goody) hair ties – the ones we use for that second-day hair messy bun! Using my sewing machine – I sewed on 5 evenly spaced ties across the top of the curtain. If you don’t want to drag out your sewing machine – I get it,  I’ll do just about anything not to pull mine out! You can certainly hand sew the ties on or just use a safety pin to secure them on the drop cloth. Why hair ties you ask? First, they are the perfect size loop for these curtains, second, they have some give to them which helps them hang just right, third the flat black finish pairs great with the drop cloths and…hair ties are cheap!

scissors, drop cloth and hair ties.
supplies for this project. drop cloths and hair ties.

Hanging Instructions

To hang – instead of rods, I decided to use drawer pulls (or knobs if you will) with 2 sided screws called hanger bolts – be sure to get drawer pulls that come without the screws already (permanently) attached. I discarded the loose screws that came with the pulls and used the 2 sided screws instead. I took one end of the 2 sided screw and screwed it into the drawer pull, the other side goes into the wall. Next I put 5 evenly spaced pulls on each side of my window to give the illusion of larger windows.

I also placed the pull that is closest to the window right over the window casing (woodwork) so the panel covers the casing and not the actual window, this allows for a lot of light flowing into the living room- which just makes me happy! for height, I placed the pulls about 6″ above the window casing to give the illusion of grander windows and higher ceilings. I took my measuring tape and measured 4″ between each pull and placed a pencil mark where the pulls would go. To install the knobs we were able to just …well, screw them right in!! (by hand – with a little elbow grease 😉 ) I recommend screwing the knobs on the screw first and then holding the knob to push while twisting the other end into the wall. In total 20 pulls for 2 windows (4 panels).

To finish take the curtain panel with the ties sewn on and loop the ties over the knobs and voila! No rod drop cloth curtains! An afternoon well spent!

If you like to close your curtains for privacy – these are not the curtains for you! Our home is situated far back from the road, so for us having stationery curtains is not a problem. These curtains can be paired with shades for more privacy.

Here is a list of the materials and supplies needed for this project. I purchased the drawer pulls a looong time ago so I was unable to find the exact ones to share with you. However, I offer similar styles below. There are lots of options so I encourage you to be creative to get the look you want, just be sure they fit the hanger bolts, not all do.

Materials and supplies:

Additional drawer pulls that fit the hanger bolts linked above:

Brainerd Lancaster Round Cabinet Knob

Brainerd Venetian Bronze Round Cabinet Knob

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or comment below!

livingroom with drop cloth curtains

I hope you give these Drop Cloths as Curtains (No Rods Needed) a try! Be sure to check out another fun DIY using unexpected materials Make your own orb chandelier using embroidery hoops!

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