Any Rae Dunn fans out there?!? Yea, that’s what I thought! 🙂 Today I’m sharing how I made these adorable little Rae Dunn herb planters for our antique mantle – turned kitchen shelf. I love how they look hanging in my kitchen, but can totally see them (or even just 1) in a kitchen window or outside on a porch. Wherever you want to show your Rae Dunn inspired DIY!

rae dunn, spoon bowl, rae dunn spoon bowl, slurp, rae dunn slurp
Rae Dunn slurp bowl

Supplies for DIY Rae Dunn Hanging Herb Planters

These Rae Dunn bowls were purchased at Homegoods for $4.99 ea. Both TJ Maxx and Homegoods often carry a variety of Rae Dunn items. To find similar bowls you can look on Poshmark, Mercari , Etsy or eBay. The assorted herb plants and the small link chain at Lowes and the suction cups with hooks are from Amazon.

Note: These Rae Dunn bowls are an older style and may be hard to find at this point. These bowls would be a great alternative!

Rae dunn, slurp bowl, chains, hanging rae dunn planter

How to Make DIY Rae Dunn Hanging Herb Planters

Take the chain and measured how low you want the planters to hang. With 2 pliers (wire cutters would work too), open the link below the measured piece to release it from the rest of the chain. Continue using the pliers to pry open the links to make 12 chains, all the same length. For mine, 16 links fit just right.

black chains and tools to cut the chains.

The circumference of the bowl is 18″ so you will need to space the suction cups 6″ apart. Then with a sharpie, mark the spot making sure to place the first 2 on either side of the spoon graphic. The suction cups are generally pretty strong but I wanted some extra strength so I glued them using E6000 glue.  Let the glue set overnight. After, attach the 3 chains around the hooks on each bowl.

sharpie dots measuring where the holders will go.
e 6000 to glue the chains on
rae dunn bowls ready to be hung
rae dunn, diy rae dunn, herb planters

Next with a little moist potting soil – Fill the bottom of the bowl. Then remove the plant pot the herb plant came in and plant the herb in the bowl. Next fill the edges with potting soil leaving about 1/4 of an inch below the top edge. For my planters, I used oregano, parsley, rosemary and sage that came in 4″ pots but you can use whichever herbs you like.

a display of rae dunn bowls turned into hanging herb planters

Hanging Rae Dunn Hanging Herb Planters

I, well actually Hubs 😉 took the black metal hooks and screwed them in under the “ledge” of the mantle. I gathered the 3 chains and looped the end link over the hook.

hanging herb planter with chains and hook.

Caring for Your Hanging Rae Dunn Hanging Herb Planters

Watering: These hanging planter require a bit of a green thumb. First herbs can be tricky, they love moisture but do not not like to sit in water. So careful watering is necessary.

Sunlight: These herbs say Yes Please! Herbs love the sun so give em what they want!

For those without green thumbs you can also use faux herb plants – now those would be low maintenance for sure!

hanging rae dunn herb planters

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I love planting in unexpected flower pots. If you like ceramic planters head over to see Using Soup Tureens as planters. For a cool glass self-watering planter check this post out! Thanks for stopping by and have fun when you make your own DIY Rae Dunn Hanging Herb Planters!

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