Today I’m sharing 16 Stunning Christmas Garlands of 2023 from Amazon that caught my eye this year – all available from Amazon. Christmas is a fun time to decorate and garlands can add extra holiday cheer to any space in and around your home. You can adorn your mantle with a beautiful pine and berry garland, add a cedar and eucalyptus garland to a cabinet or a console table, run a beautiful garland with fruit and candles down the center of your dining room table, or decorate around a kitchen window with a dainty garland with lights. You can also step up your front porch game by adding garlands outdoors around columns, on fences, or over a door frame.

Mantel decorated for christmas with pine garland, white stalkings.

Wherever you place your garland, Amazon has the perfect one for you. But first, let’s go over some tips for selecting the right garland for your space.

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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Christmas Garland

Choosing the location of your garland

Before adding that garland to your cart, take a minute to consider where you will be placing it for the holiday season. All garlands come in different lengths and thicknesses and some come with lights already woven through the branches. Decide which type of garland would work best.

Measuring for the right fit

Grab a tape measure and measure the space (mantel, staircase, window, etc) where you would like to place the garland. If you are planning to drape the garland, the rule of thumb is to measure the length of the stair banister or the mantel, then calculate one-and-a-half times that dimension. Example: 6 ft. long banister = 9-foot garland.

Choosing the best type of garland for your space

There are so many options! Do you want a full light-up garland with bright red berries and pinecones or are you looking for something more dainty garland with pine cones to weave in around seasonal candles on your dining table? Below I share several options.

Lighting considerations

An artificial garland may come with lights already attached. Most of these garlands are powered by a battery pack. If you would prefer to plug in lights you could simply buy the lights separately just be sure an outlet is nearby.

Supplies to hang your Christmas garland

Command hooks work well as do these Command cord Bundlers. If you’re decorating a banister you can simply use ribbon or if you’re like me, a simple nail never hurt anyone 🙂

Considerations for outdoor use

To garland a front door, measure one side and double that number. Then measure the width and calculate one-and-a-half times that dimension. To wrap columns take a string or piece of ribbon and wrap the column the way you would like the garland to be and then measure the string.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Garlands

How can I make my garland last multiple holiday seasons?

Carefully store the unlit garland in an airtight plastic storage bin in a cool, dry place. For lighted garlands, gently wind and secure cords before storage to prevent tangling.

What are the best places to hang garlands outdoors?

Outdoor areas like porch columns, stairs, and yard arches are great for weatherproof garlands. Make sure lighting is heavy-duty and outlets are equipped for outdoor use.

What is the easiest way to hang garlands on the wall?

Command hooks are the easiest option for quickly securing garlands to walls without tools. Use heavy-duty hooks and distribute weight evenly.

How do I know what length of garland to purchase?

As a general rule, measure area width/length and multiply by 1.5. For mantels, measure length then multiply by 1.5. Add additional length for extra draping.

Should I fluff and shape artificial garlands?

Yes, gently separate branches and pieces for a fuller, more natural shape and cascading profile before hanging. Reshape as needed each season.

Garlands are versatile Christmas decorations that bring the holiday spirit to any space in your home. A garland wrapped in warm white lights on your front porch can look like a winter wonderland on a snowy night. A beautiful garland with berries, ribbon, and twinkle lights can complete your holiday farmhouse-style decor. A simple table garland can be a part of your party planning this holiday season. Keep in mind these festive finds go fast so even if you are not ready to decorate, you may want to place your order soon – this way you can move on with the rest of your holiday shopping!

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