Love is in the air and if you’re a lucky bride, it’s mingling with the smell of these magnificent garden roses! These fabulous roses from Grace Rose Farm brought me right back to my floral design days. For years I worked exclusively with fresh flowers under the name “Stephanotis Floral Designs” (a Stephanotis is a flower often used in wedding bouquets) creating beautiful wedding bouquets. In all those years I’ve never seen such incredible blooms – so full of gorgeous fluffy folds and velvety petals! And the scent – oh my goodness – heavenly! Read below as I share a garden bouquet with white O’Hara roses and beautiful peach Juliet roses.

big bouquet of O'hara and Juliet roses on my coffee table. This bouquet sits on a wicker tray and is paired with a white book and white candle.

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Recently I had the pleasure of working with Grace Rose Farm and they were kind enough to send me a dozen of white O’Hara Roses and Juliet Roses to share today. Both roses are great options for wedding bouquets and while I was designing these beauties in a large clear glass bubble vase there was a familiar nudge to pull them together to make a stunning handheld bridal bouquet! Ahhh memories of my floral design days.

grace rose farms welcome card with their roses.

About Grace Rose Farm

Grace Rose Farm is a family-owned rose farm located in CA. The owners Gracie and Ryan began growing a garden of roses when they purchased their home in 2015. After sharing her beautiful roses on social media Gracie began to get requests from floral designers – lots of requests! It seemed everyone wanted to get their hands on their beautiful roses! From there Grace Rose Farm was born.

Today Grace Rose Farms has grown substantially and now has two properties in both Somis and Moorpark CA. They grow several varieties of garden roses on more than 50 acres of land. To ensure their customers are receiving the freshest of cuts Grace Rose Farm ships using next-day air. The roses arrive in a box labeled Grace Rose Farm and are packed securely in cardboard sleeves with stems in a moistened wrap. They take the utmost care to secure the roses in the box so the bundles won’t move around during the shipping process.

o hara roses in cardboard sleeve.

Included with the roses is a welcome card that shares information about Grace Rose Farm and on the back are instructions for processing your roses.

About White O’Hara Roses

White O’Hara roses come in bud form with a little green on the outside petals. These outside petals are called guard petals and protect the rose. Even in bud form, you can see a hint of pink showing in the middle. Once opened an O’Hara rose is a perfect, creamy white rose with just a hint of blush ivory within quartered center petals (also known as having multiple hearts). An O’Hara Rose is considered the most beloved fragrant white garden rose and I can see… well, smell why! As I was working with these blooms my entire kitchen smelled of roses!

White roses carry the meaning of innocence, purity, loyalty, compassion and sincerity making them the perfect rose for a bridal bouquet. This rose paired with white hydrangea, white peony and beautiful white lilac would make a stunning bridal bouquet.

full blown o'hara rose.

About Juliet Roses

Considered the most beloved wedding rose of all time! If you are seeking a frilly rose with layers upon layers of gorgeous petals Juliet is for you. These roses that are David Austin’s signature bloom have a high petal count and almost look like a peony in full bloom. The outer petals are a soft blush tone and as you look to the center you see a peach color with a slight undertone of yellow that is simply stunning. This distinctive full-cupped rose is so perfectly formed it almost looks like a frilly paper tissue bloom.

The beauty of these roses (that are often referred to as peach Juliet cabbage roses) are that they could easily work with many different shades of bridesmaid dresses including blush pinks, light pink, soft peach to dark pink or you may want to save this beauty for the bride! It has a subtle but beautiful fragrance and is in a word magnificent! For a stunning color palette mix these roses with blue delphinium, pink sweet peas, white spray roses, and perhaps a little dusty miller (gray-green foliage) for a perfect summer garden look.

a single full bloom Juliet garden rose

My Experience with These Roses

As mentioned above these roses came packed so well and the delivery date was right on time. I could smell the roses through the box! Two pitchers of cool water were already prepared and I added the flower food that came with the roses. I removed the foliage that would sit below the water line and cut my stems at an angle using my design knife. I placed them in a spot that was out of direct sunlight and waited 3 days to design them because I wanted them in almost full bloom to make my bouquet. You do not have to wait, I did this for content creation on Instagram. I used a large bubble ball vase to hold 2 dozen roses.

These blooms are very big and a large vase was needed to hold them all. While designing I simply alternated between the Juliet garden roses and the white O’Hara for a mixed rose bouquet. Both varieties of rose are stunning with their unique different shapes. They are super hardy and have not dropped a petal. Tomorrow marks a week since I received these fabulous blooms and they still look amazing! With their expert growing conditions as well as their well-thought-out packing and shipping these roses most certainly will have a long vase life.

me holding the bouquet of roses.

With their stunning layers of petals, unique shape and larger-sized blooms you can see why these white O’Hara and Juliet garden Roses are a popular flower for such a special day and simply perfect for a romantic wedding bouquet. If you are interested in preserving your roses be sure to visit my How to keep Roses alive forever (including 5 ideas for what to do with them) post.

Thank you for visiting the blog today for a garden bouquet with White O’Hara Roses and Beautiful Peach Juliet Roses. A very special thank you to Grace Rose Farm for these incredible blooms!

For more floral inspiration please visit my Floral design page featuring fresh flower designs. If you are a budding designer or interested in DIY wedding flowers please visit my Amazon floral supplies to find the proper tools to make your floral design experience enjoyable!

Keep creating friends!

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