Sharing this simple but fun take on Christmas decor! Not a speck of red in sight for this unique, soft, sparkly blush design! I recently shared this mantel on Instagram and received several questions about how to make the yarn-wrapped Christmas trees – so I thought a Crafting a Soft and Sparkly Blush Christmas with DIY Yarn Trees post was in order! The idea was to create a warm and inviting Christmas atmosphere with a touch of creativity and craftiness. These yarn Christmas trees play a central role in achieving that, adding a delightful handmade touch to your holiday decorations.

a white mantel with blush, cream and taupe yarn wrapped Christmas trees.

Why You Will Love Making These Yarn Trees

  1. Easy-to-Follow Tutorial: Crafting Made Simple: Dive into my step-by-step guide that’s designed with you in mind – yes, even if you’re a beginner! We’re here to make sure you have a blast and achieve beautiful results.
  2. Affordable Crafting: Creativity on a Budget: Gather up some yarn, tree forms, and a trusty glue gun – these everyday craft supplies are your ticket to crafting magic without breaking the bank. Get ready to let your creative juices flow without worrying about your wallet.
  3. Interactive Family Activity: Crafting and Connecting: Bring your loved ones on board for a fun crafting adventure that’s bound to create memories and amazing decor. These trees would also be fun for a Girl’s Night In party!
  4. Customizable Decor Additions: Your Unique Touch: It’s your space, your style, and your rules! Play around with different yarn tree sizes, different colors, and placements until you’ve got a decor setup that’s perfectly you. Let’s make your space shine.
  5. Personalized Color Palette: Pick out those yarn shades that make your heart skip a beat. Mix and match styles to match your cozy haven’s vibe and sprinkle a dash of “you” into your holiday decor.
a line up of the yarn wrapped trees on the white mantel.

Making The Yarn Christmas Trees

Stay tuned for more details on the mantel design, but for now, let’s focus on what you’re here for – clear instructions on crafting these lovely yarn Christmas trees. So, grab your trusty glue gun and let’s roll up our sleeves. In just a few straightforward steps, you’ll have your own set of DIY yarn trees to admire.

yarn trees in pinks, cream color, gray

Supplies and Tools:

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  • A variety of balls/skeins of yarn – (you can’t go wrong here, simply choose the colors and styles you like)
  • Tree forms – (if you can find the paper mache ones, they are easier to use. Otherwise you can use styrofoam ones.)
  • Kraft paper (if you go with styrofoam tree forms, you may need the paper to cover the styrofoam)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors


Prepping the Tree Forms

Let’s gather the necessary materials. If you’ve opted for paper mache tree forms, there’s no need for any preparation. However, if you’re using styrofoam tree forms, here’s a tip: wrap them with kraft paper. It’s a simple process – just wrap the paper around the form and seal it with your trusty hot glue gun. Trim any excess paper afterward. This step ensures better adhesion of the hot glue to the paper surface compared to styrofoam. Plus, it helps prevent any visibility of the underlying material through the yarn, as the kraft color blends in seamlessly.

a styrofoam cone wrapped in kraft paper with the yarn glued over the top opening

Yarn Wrapping Technique

Starting at the top of the cone, I position the yarn end over the opening and secure it with a dot of glue. Working on one side of the tree, I apply hot glue in 3″-4″ sections, wrapping the yarn around the form. This focused glue application is sufficient to hold the yarn in place. As I wrap the yarn, I take care to keep it closely aligned, reducing the visibility of the kraft paper beneath.

the tree with yarn wrapped around it

Yarn Wrapping Process: From Top to Bottom

Once you’ve completed the initial section, continue wrapping the yarn around the tree form, working your way down to the base of the cone. Ensure that the last yarn wrap is neatly secured around the bottom for a polished finish. This gradual progression adds a charming texture to your DIY yarn tree.

Let's make today amazing picture with yarn in front of it.

Creating a Cozy Living Room

Decorating with the yarn trees

Infused with soft hues of white, pink, gray, and taupe, I aimed for a gentle, shimmering effect. A birch log star adorned with twinkle lights graces the space above the mantel, while below, a rose gold-toned Fa la la la la * la la la la garland from Pottery Barn Kids adds a touch of festive sparkle.

Mantel Magic

Along the mantel, I brought to life a series of yarn-wrapped Christmas trees, artfully arranged in a row. I placed the larger trees made with chunky yarn in the back with the smaller trees towards the front. To enhance the charm, faux antler picks, and delicate pottery barn snow joined the scene. Infusing a warm glow, battery-operated lights wound their way in and around each DIY Christmas tree.

a closer view of the yard trees on the mantel.

Handmade Stockings

I made Chenille stockings which were fashioned from a vintage polka dot chenille bedspread. Embracing the yarn theme further, I adorned the stockings with whimsical tassels. If you’re new to tassel-making or simply need a quick reminder, I’ve got you covered with a step-by-step tutorial here.

handmade chenille stockings with yarn tassels.

The Christmas Tree

As December approaches, my anticipation for tree decorating grows. With the tradition of selecting a fresh Christmas tree, I embark on adorning our living room shortly after Thanksgiving, reserving the final touch—the tree—for mid-December. Infusing a touch of whimsy and airiness, I opted for an all-white theme, embellishing the tree with delightful paper stars, glittery ornaments, delicate paper dot garland and a large star on the top of the tree. The overall look was a festive tree that sparkled with bright white ornaments. To add a personal touch, I repurposed the remaining fabric from the polka dot chenille bedspread to use as a tree skirt. A little more sparkle was added by placing some twinkle lights in with the birch logs in the fireplace.

the mantel next to the tree with white paper stars, garland and ornaments.

Creative Uses for Yarn Trees

  • Desk Decor: Elevate your workspace with a mini forest of yarn trees, bringing a touch of holiday cheer to your office or home office.
  • Gift Toppers: Add a personal touch to your gifts by using these mini yarn trees as unique and eco-friendly gift toppers.
  • Festive Bookshelf: Infuse your bookshelf with holiday charm by integrating these yarn trees among your book collection.
  • Table Setting Whimsy: Place these trees as individual settings or in the center of each table setting to create a cohesive and delightful holiday atmosphere during meals.
  • Cozy Bedroom Accent: Transform your bedroom into a winter wonderland by placing these cone trees on your nightstand or dresser for a cozy feel.
  • Charming Entryway: Welcome guests with these delightful trees on your entryway console table, setting a cheerful tone from the moment they walk in.
  • Hang as Ornaments: Create unique tree-shaped ornaments by adding hooks or strings, perfect for adorning your Christmas tree or hanging around your home.
  • Party Decor: Spruce up your holiday parties by using these yarn trees as part of your festive decorations, adding a handmade touch to the celebration.
  • Centerpiece Delight: Place these tabletop Christmas trees as a captivating centerpiece on your dining or coffee table for a festive touch during holiday gatherings.

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Thank you for joining me for this, Crafting a Soft and Sparkly Blush Christmas with DIY Yarn Trees blog post. I hope you enjoyed exploring this delightful twist on Christmas decor – a soft, sparkly blush design that’s refreshingly unique, free from the traditional reds. The response on Instagram has been heartwarming, with many of you curious about crafting these charming yarn-wrapped Christmas trees. Well, your curiosity has led us here, and I’m thrilled to guide you through the process of creating your very own DIY yarn trees. A special thanks to the Family Handyman for featuring this mantel display in their 10 ways to decorate your fireplace for Christmas article.

Happy Decorating!

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