Sharing this simple but fun take on Christmas decor! Not a speck of red in sight for this unique, soft, sparkly blush design! I recently shared this mantel on Instagram and received several questions about how to make the yarn wrapped Christmas trees – so I thought a cozy blush Christmas (with DIY yarn trees) post was in order!

yearn trees sitting on a white mantel with white stockings

The Design:

For the fireplace I wanted a soft look with whites, pinks, gray and taupe. I was also going for a little extra sparkle. Above the mantel I hung a birch log star adorned with twinkle lights. Below I hung this Fa la la la la * la la la la garland from Pottery Barn Kids. This fun garland is rose gold toned with a bit of shimmer! So fun and perfect for this blush design!

On the mantel itself I made several yarn wrapped Christmas trees and lined them up along the mantel. I added faux antler picks and pottery barn snow. Then I ran these battery operated lights in and around the yarn trees.

a close up of the yarn trees along the mantel

I made the 4 white stockings using a vintage polka dot chenille bedspread. I was sure to include even the fringe. To pull in more yarn, I made stocking tassels. I’ve shared tassel making before, if you need a refresher – I’ve got you covered with this tutorial here.

white stockings made with chenille bedspread with yarn stocking tassels

When December rolls around, I can start planning my tree. We always get a fresh Christmas tree so I typically decorate the rest of the living room right after Thanksgiving and then finish with the tree in Mid December. For this tree I wanted it to be a bit whimsical and light. I went with all white using fun paper stars, large white ornaments and paper dot garland. I took the remaining fabric from the polka dot chenille bedspread and wrapped it around the base of the tree.

A little more sparkle was added by placing some twinkle lights in with the birch logs in the fireplace.

mantel with the tree decorated nest to it.

Making the yarn Christmas trees:

In just a few simple steps you can make these easy DIY yarn trees!

yarn trees in pinks, cream color, gray

Supplies and Tools:

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  • A variety of balls/skeins of yarn – (you can’t go wrong here, simply choose the colors and styles you like)
  • Tree forms – (if you can find the paper mache ones, they are easier to use. Otherwise you can use styrofoam ones.)
  • Kraft paper (if you go with styrofoam tree forms, you may need the paper to cover the styrofoam)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors


tree forms with yarn

Gather your materials. If you are using paper mache tree forms you do not need to prepare them. If you are using styrofoam tree forms I recommend you cover the styrofoam with kraft paper. You can do this by simply wrapping the paper around the tree and using your hot glue gun you can seal the paper. Then you will need to cut off the excess paper. The reason for doing this is the hot glue adheres better to the paper than the styrofoam. Also you may be able to see through the yarn and the kraft color does not stand out as much.

a styrofoam cone wrapped in kraft paper with the yarn glued over the top opening

To wrap I start at the top of the tree and lay the end of the yard over the opening and secure with the glue gun. On only one side of the tree, I simply begin by running a line of hot glue down in 3″-4″ sections and wrap the yarn around the tree form. Again, the glue is added on just one side, that is enough to catch the yarn. When wrapping the yarn I am careful to line the yarn close together minimizing the amount of kraft paper you can see.

the tree with yarn wrapped around it

Once the first section is done, I continue down the tree until the last yarn wrap is around the bottom.

You may add twinkle lights and/or have the tree sit in a pot or on a stand. You may also just have them sit as is and decorate around them as I did on our mantel. Get creative and have fun with them!

Pin it for later:

a pinterest pin showing the blush christmas and yarn trees

Thanks for stopping by for Cozy Blush Christmas (with DIY Yarn Trees). A special thanks to the Family Handyman for featuring this mantel display in their 10 ways to decorate your fireplace for Christmas article.

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