Hear me out…farmhouse decor beads, what if we ditched the tassels for let’s say… a puff of greenery…or berries…or pinecones? Well, that’s what I did for these DIY Christmas Beads and I’m in love!

farmhouse decor wood beads with christmas greens and berries on the ends

Decorative wood beads have been around for quite awhile. As I was researching for this post I saw some wood bead blog posts dating back to 2016! Since then they have become a staple in every home with a farmhouse style. Why? Because they are so versatile and fun to decorate with! You can drape them across your mantel or hang them from a shelf. They look beautiful coiled up around your favorite vase. They are also the perfect compliment to a coffee table tray.

christmas mantel design with farmhouse decor beads

Where to Find Wood Beads:

For these beads I used this bead kit from Amazon. This set comes with 3 different size beads and twine. I painted some of the beads white with some left over chalk paint but left most natural. To string them I always use a small piece of tape and tape the twine to a toothpick so the beads slide on easier.

taping the twine to a toothpick to make it easy to thread the beads

I vary the sizes of the beads and typical plan a pattern. (ie. large, med, med, med, small, small, small, med, med, med, large, etc) I do different patterns on different sets of beads. Most of my bead strands measure approx 20″ – 24″ long. As mentioned above, you may paint the beads or stain them to your liking.

a single bead strand with faux cedar

Twine options:

For twine (or jute) I typically use this type, sometimes I’ll use cooking string. For the little holiday clusters at the end I go for faux Christmas greens and berries. I also used small pinecones. This is where you can get creative! I looked for items that I knew I could make into small clusters.

bead strands laying on my counter

After the beads are strung and I’ve left about 6″ of extra twine on either end, I gather a small cluster and cut the stems short. I then lean the cluster in the hole of the last bead and wrap the extra twine up through the cluster. Then I use the remaining twine and my glue gun to wrap the twine to cover the stems. I share a video of the process here.

Fall-inspired Beads:

I loved these Christmas beads so much that I decided to make fall inspired beads. To make them I followed the exact same process but changed out the Christmas clusters for fall ones using leaves, wheat and fall greenery.

fall inspired bead clusters

Now if it’s tassels your seeking and you just want to buy really beautiful well made bead strands with the most gorgeous tassels, you will want to head to my good friend Angie’s website, Ruffled Nest Decor. Great beads, lots of styles to choose from at great prices!

To try your hand at making tassels I’ve got you covered here!

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Thanks for Stopping by! I hope you get the chance to make your own Christmas beads! Be sure to check out easy laser printer image transfer post for more Christmas inspiration.

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