Hey friends! I’ve got the cutest little spring DIY to share with you today – faux cherry blossom branches made from hydrangeas! Here in Massachusetts, we are months away from warmer weather, so I whipped up these dreamy branches to give me that spring feeling (even though it’s 24 degrees outside!)

A large wooden white bird house in front of a white pitcher of faux cherry blossom branches.

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About These Quick and Easy Faux Cherry Blossom Branches

I grabbed some branches from trees in my yard to keep it simple and natural-looking. Then I turned faux hydrangea blooms into delicate blossom lookalikes and glued ’em all up on the branches for instant charm!

It was super easy but made such an impact. These branches give you that wandering-through-an-orchard-of-spring-cherry trees feel. I can’t wait to tell you more about how I made them so you can get your spring on too! Grab your glue gun, and let’s usher in spring, shall we?

A photo of me placing the cherry blossom flowers on branches.

How To Make Faux Cherry Blossom Branches


Preparing Your Branches

Start by preparing your branches – trim the ends evenly and clean off any debris or leaves for a clean backdrop. Place trimmed branches in your chosen vase or container.

Creating Your Faux Cherry Blossoms

Now let’s turn hydrangeas into cherry blossoms! Carefully snip individual florets (individual hydrangea bloom) off hydrangea stems using wire cutters or scissors, leaving short stems attached to the floret.

Take the floret and place a tiny dab of hot glue at the center top of each petal base. Gently pinch the petals upward around the glue to shape into a little puff shape.

Next, glue the 3 petal bases together so the puffs form one full, lush tuft of flowers. Repeat with remaining blooms, creating blossom clusters.

Adding the Blossoms to Your Branches

Take your cherry tufts and affix them to branches using hot glue at the base of the puff for stability. Dot glue onto the short petal stems and stick on branches where desired so the glue is hidden.

Bring in Some Greenery

This step is optional. Sporadically add any filler greenery or leaves to mimic nature. Let fully dry before moving.

Continue clustering blossoms until reaching your desired fullness. Stand back to admire your beautiful spring branches!

My hands adding some small green leaves in and around the cherry blossoms.

Styling Your Branches

These breezy blossom branches allow for easy styling in any room. Cluster several branches in a tall vase for an instant spring dining table arrangement.

Line the soft blooms along your stair railings or mantle for a charming floral trail. Or hang the flowers from wreaths, garlands or wall hooks.

For bright bursts in small spaces, hang branches in doorways and windows.

I also love placing a single slender branch in a bud vase or small container on my kitchen sink tray.

A kitchen sink tray that is white with scrub brushes, dish soap and bird and cherry blossom branches in a small pitcher.

Making Them Your Own

  • Choose any color! While pinks lend that spring charm, try white or ivory blossoms for a wintery look.
  • Feel free to experiment with different floral shapes too – hydrangea alternatives like roses and peonies would be dreamy.
  • Surround your boughs with coordinating potted plants on the table or mantel. For extra magic, weave mini string lights throughout the branches from top to bottom!

However you choose to adapt these blossom branches, they provide an inexpensive way add seasonal beauty wherever needed.

A close up of the faux cherry blossoms on the branches.

Frequently Asked Questions About These Quick and Easy Faux Cherry Blossom Branches

Are there other floral shapes I can try besides hydrangeas?

Definitely! Get adventurous with different floral shapes such as roses or peonies. This allows you to personalize your cherry blossom branches and create a dreamy and unique arrangement.

How do I incorporate mini string lights into the branches?

To add a magical touch, weave mini string lights throughout the branches from top to bottom. Make sure to secure them discreetly, so the wiring doesn’t distract from the blossoms.

Can I customize the color of the blossoms?

Absolutely! Feel free to choose any color that suits your style. While the tutorial focuses on pink cherry blossom branches for that classic spring charm, you can explore white or ivory faux flowers for a wintery aesthetic.

Is hot glue necessary, or can I use regular glue?

A hot glue gun is recommended for this project as it’s designed to adhere well to various materials and is quick to dry. It ensures a secure bond between the faux blooms and branches. Regular glue may not provide the same level of durability.

Where can I find faux pink hydrangea stems?

Faux pink hydrangea stems, faux plants, and other faux stems are commonly available at craft stores, floral supply shops, and online retailers. You can choose ones that match your desired color and style.

A large white bird house, a ceramic white basket of roses, books and the pitcher of cherry blossom branches.

And there you have it, your very own DIY cherry blossom branches that bring the essence of spring right into your – home because nothing says spring like a full bloom flowering branch! With just a few supplies and some creativity, you’ve transformed simple branches into delightful blossoms. Play around with colors and flower choices to make it uniquely yours. Whether clustered in a vase or adorning different spaces, these pink cherry blossoms promise a touch of seasonal charm.

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Thank you for visiting the blog today for this fun Quick and Easy Faux Cherry Blossom Branches! I hope these cherry blossom flowers add a touch of spring to your home decor!

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