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Today I’m sharing how to make easy, mess-free DIY crockpot scented candles. I have always wanted to try my hand at making candles but was hesitant because I thought candle making was a long, cumbersome messy process. Umm, no thanks! The idea of melting wax in a double boiler seemed like a lot of work that would require a lot of clean up. In the end, I decided to leave the candle making to the professionals!

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Then one day as I was scrolling through Pinterest for an easy way to make candles at home I found these DIY Slow Cooker Crockpot candles from Hello Glow. After reading the instructions, I was very surprised at how easy the process was. At that point, I knew I had to have a go at these mess-free, fuss-free DIY Slow cooker scented candles!

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How to Make Easy, Mess-free DIY Crockpot Scented Candles

Fortunately these candles are made with nontoxic soy wax and 100% cotton wicks so you don’t have to be concerned about unwanted, unhealthy fumes while burning them.

Candle making supplies:

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Natural Soy Wax (10 lb bag) (5 lb bag)

Cotton Candle Wicks

Fragrance oils

Coffee stirrers (or pencils)

4oz ball jars


Boiling Water

wax and frangrance oils


Start by filling the ball jars to the top with wax and place them in a crockpot. Next boil water and pour into the crockpot around the jars until it reaches ½ up the sides of the jars.  Be careful not to get water in the jars. Once the boiled water is in the crock pot place the lid on and set the temperature on high.

water pour into crockpot

The instructions on Hello Glow suggested to leave them for 2 hours but I found the wax was fully melted after just 1 hour.

adding fragrance to jar

After the wax is melted, carefully lift the jars out of the crockpot and let cool for 10 minutes. Next it’s time to add the fragrance. I chose floral scented fragrance oils because I prefer floraly/fruity scented candles. As recommended by Hello Glow I was a bit heavy handed with the oils and in the end 1 full Tablespoon seem to be the right amount for these small jars.

wax in jar

While the wax is still mostly melted you will need to add the wick. I found this to be the most challenging part of the process. After a few unsuccessful attempts at using twine that had been suggested by Hello Glow, I took to google to find a solution. I learned the easiest way to keep the wick straight was to tie the wick around a pencil and lay the pencil across the top of the jar. I had these coffee stirrers on hand and found they worked perfectly. The first step was to measure – ahem…eyeball the length from the top of the jar to the bottom and do my best to get the tie situated right. It took a couple of tries but eventually I was able to perfect this technique.

Next, let the candles cool completely and you will see the wax turns a pretty soft white color. Once cooled you can slide the coffee stirrer out of the knot and cut the wick with scissors. The last step is to put the cover on and add a pretty little embellishment. I love the idea of fresh herbs but by making sure I’m doing my part to flatten the curve for COVID-19 by staying home, I decide to shop my home for this step.

With my glue gun, a few faux floral stems, twine and ribbon I had fun adorning these sweet little floral scented candles. They would be perfect for gifts or bridal shower favors!

I’m truly excited to have learned an easy way to make candles from home with this easy no-fuss no-mess way to make candles. While I have no intention to set up a candle making shop, I look forward to making these for friends and family – because who doesn’t love a homemade gift made with love.

tray with candles

So fun sharing how to make easy, mess-free DIY Crockpot scented candles! I hope I encouraged you to give these mess-free, fuss-free DIY Slow cooker scented candles a try. Especially if like me, you expected candle making to be a fussy endeavor – one you wanted to stay away from!

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  1. Stephanie, I’ve also been reluctant to do candle making because of the mess! This looks like a fun project. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this great and easy way to make candles!
    I love scented candles!

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