Decorating with empty frames is one of my favorite ways to enhance spaces in our home. Today I’m sharing 8 unique ways to use empty picture frames in decor and how I determine when one should be incorporated into my design

picture frame decor
Picture frames in decor

I have several empty frames in many shapes and sizes that are chalk painted in neutral tones, white, off-white, and gray. All are wooden picture frames in different styles. I typically buy my frames at thrift stores, flea markets, vintage stores, and on the Facebook Market place. I’m always on the lookout for frames with pretty details and love to find ones that are unique in shape because having many styles on hand ensures that I have the right one available when needed. Often they are already painted, if not I will grab my trusty Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to give them a little makeover before using them in my decor. Below are 8 unique ways to use empty picture frames in decor.

1. Frames to Fill a Space

My favorite way to use frames is to help fill in a space. This little wreath pictured below was too small for the wall space next to our mantel. By “framing” it you can see how it is in scale with the space. This is a great solution when faced with the issue of a wall hanging looking too small for a space. You can even frame a framed picture that may look like a postage stamp on a large wall space. For information on determining if a wall hanging is too small, Apartment Therapy has you covered in this post.

small wood flower wreath in frame

Here is another example of using a frame to ensure this floral piece fits into this space. In this design, I used this muted gold vintage frame around this wood flower nosegay that I made a while back. Without the frame, you can see how this bouquet would be too small over our mantel and rather lackluster. By adding the frame the design is easily up-leveled. I simply removed the glass and frame mat and this gold frame became the inspiration for adding these gold candleholders.

wall decor frame around wood flowers

2. Frames as a Faux Tray

Another use for empty frames is to use them as faux trays. You can see here I placed a frame on our coffee table before placing these milk glass vases with pink allium. I love how the frame…well “frames” this collection.

wall decor frames used as atray

In this space, I used a frame to elevate this beautiful bouquet from Gracefully Restored. I wanted something to help showcase the bouquet and this frame did the trick.

faux floral arrangement in an empty frame

3. Frames on the Ceiling ?!?

I looooove the idea of using a picture frame on the ceiling to decorate a chandelier or light fixture. Such a simple and creative way to elevate a light fixture. This has me thinking about our DIY orb light fixture! I found this idea here on Pinterest!

frame around chandelier
Image: Pinterest

Empty frames as part of a gallery wall offer many ways to change out decor pieces through the seasons. You can see here that I hung a simple peony ball from the frame on the lower left-hand side. This peony ball would be easy to switch out for a small boxwood wreath at Christmas. As you know, I love to create spaces that allow for changes and empty frames offer endless options.

gallery wall featuring wall decor frames

5. Frames to Balance a Space

Here I am using two gray frames to make this mantel decor look more balanced. Mixed with this collection of mirrors the gray brings a nice contrasting color to this Valentine’s table for two. I am often leaning frames on my mantel – not all frames have to be hung to impact a space!

6. Frames to Enhance Florals

For this faux floral wall hanging I added a collection of frames to add interest to this bouquet. With the added frames you can see this otherwise simple wall hanging fits perfectly in this space between our Pottery Barn-inspired ticking stripe curtains in our living room. I connected the frames using these Command Strips and attached them to the wall using – you guessed it – Command strips! Have you learned of the magic of Command strips yet? I am always amazed at how strong they are and I love the fact that they come off the wall so easily. Yup! No nail holes to fill!

frames with a wall floral arrangement

7. Frames as a Part of your Tablescape

Frames are great to use on a tablescape. I used a beautiful gold frame under this place setting last fall and loved how it turned out. This little bundle of wheat sits on each setting for some fall charm.

8. Frames as a Base for a Wreath

Let’s have some fun with wreaths, shall we? I’m excited to share a new take on the classic wreath that’s all about adding a delightful twist to your decor game. We’re breaking free from the norm and giving wreaths a whole new personality. Get ready to see wreaths in places you never thought possible – think walls, ceilings, and even tabletops! Join me on this wreath adventure and let’s unleash our creativity together. Get ready to turn heads and spark conversations with wreaths that are anything but ordinary!

a picture frame with a bow and faux flowers on it
Wreath Frame.

You can watch me make this fall frame wreath here.

I think you can see why having empty frames on hand is a good idea. They are inexpensive and so versatile. It is a rarity for me not to have one or two showcasing or filling in a space in our home. They are by far one of my favorite decorating “props” and I loved sharing these ideas with you today! Thanks for checking out my 8 unique ways to use empty picture frames in decor! For more ideas visit my Pinterest board on Frames in Decor.

Keep Creating Friends!

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