Hey everyone, it’s that time of year again – when pumpkin spice everything takes over and the leaves are getting ready to show off their vibrant hues. You know I’m all about that cozy fall vibe, and after sharing the scoop on the 15 amazing Amazon fall wreaths of 2024, I couldn’t resist diving into another autumn essential: garlands! These garlands can transform any space into an autumn wonderland, and I’ve got a roundup of 15 Stunning Fall Garlands for 2024 that are just begging to be a part of your seasonal decor. So, if you’re ready to embrace the changing season and give your home that warm and inviting feel, stick around for some fall garland inspiration!

table setting with garland running along it with clay pots, pumpkins and candles.

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Where to Place Your Fall Garland

  1. Mantel: Drape the fall garland along the mantel of your fireplace to create a cozy and inviting focal point in your living room.
  2. Table Centerpiece: Lay the fall garland down the center of your dining or coffee table, adding an elegant touch to your meals and gatherings.
  3. Front Door: Wrap the fall garland around your front door frame or hang it above the entrance to welcome guests with autumnal charm.
  4. Staircase Railing: Wind the fall garland along the banister of your staircase for a beautiful cascading effect that sets a seasonal tone throughout your home.
  5. Window Sills: Place the fall garland on your windowsills to infuse a touch of fall into your indoor spaces while allowing natural light to accentuate its beauty.
  6. Wall Decor: Hang the fall garland vertically on a wall, either as a standalone piece or as part of a gallery wall arrangement.
  7. Mirror: Adorn a mirror with a fall garland to frame it with the colors and textures of autumn, adding depth and character to the reflective surface.
  8. Bookshelves: Arrange the fall garland along the shelves of your bookcase to infuse your reading nook with seasonal flair.
  9. Kitchen Island: Display the fall garland on your kitchen island to bring warmth and festivity to the heart of your home.
  10. Sideboard or Console Table: Place the fall garland on a sideboard or console table in your entryway or hallway for an inviting first impression.
  11. Bedroom Headboard: Drape the fall garland over the headboard of your bed to create a cozy and seasonal backdrop in your bedroom.
  12. Outdoor Spaces: Decorate your outdoor spaces by draping the fall garland on your porch railing, wrapping it around pillars, or adorning your outdoor dining area.
  13. Wreath Alternative: Instead of a traditional wreath, use the fall garland as a circular arrangement for your front door or interior spaces.
  14. Chandelier: Wrap the fall garland around the arms of a chandelier or pendant light to bring a touch of fall charm overhead.
  15. Furniture Accents: Decorate furniture pieces like console tables, side tables, and benches with the fall garland for an added layer of seasonal decor.

Remember, there are no strict rules when it comes to placing a fall garland. Feel free to get creative and experiment with different locations to find the spots that best enhance your home’s autumn ambiance. Now that we’ve discussed where to place a garland, let’s look at how to measure one.

a front view of my white hutch with a fall neutral garland running along the top.

Measuring for Garland: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Choose the Location: Decide where you want to place the garland, whether it’s on a mantel, table, staircase, doorway, or any other area.
  2. Measure the Length: Use a measuring tape to determine the length of the surface where you plan to place the garland. For example, if you’re measuring a mantel, start at one end and measure to the other end.
  3. Account for Overhang: Consider whether you want the garland to drape over the edges or sides of the surface. If you do, add a few extra inches to your measurement to account for the overhang.
  4. Consider Swags and Loops: If you plan to create swags or loops in the garland, measure the desired length of each swag or loop and add those measurements to your overall length.
  5. Account for Hanging: If the garland will be hung, measure the height of the area where you’ll attach it, whether it’s a doorway, staircase, or wall. This will help you determine the vertical length needed for hanging.
  6. Calculate Total Length: Add up all the measurements you’ve taken to calculate the total length of garland you’ll need to achieve your desired look.
  7. Add a Little Extra: It’s a good idea to add a bit of extra length to your measurement to ensure you have enough garland to work with. This will give you flexibility when arranging and securing the garland.
  8. Account for Fullness: If you prefer a lush and full garland, you might need to purchase more garland than the calculated measurement. Fullness can vary based on the type of garland you’re using.

Taking accurate measurements will help you achieve a balanced and visually pleasing look when decorating with garlands.

Supplies to Hang Your Fall Garland

Command hooks work well as do these Command cord Bundlers. If you’re decorating a banister you can simply use ribbon or if you’re like me, a simple nail never hurt anyone 🙂

My Ultimate Garlands Decorating Hacks

  1. Double Up: Just like my tried-and-true trick of grabbing two bunches of grocery store flowers, consider getting two garlands. Having a pair on hand lets you beef up a sparse-looking garland. If you find one of them is already perfect, no worries – you’ve got yourself a matching set for a cohesive touch of autumn charm in different parts of your home.
  2. Direction Matters: When it comes to double-sided spaces like mantels or dining tables, remember this trick. Let one garland cascade to the left and the other to the right. To ensure that lush look in the center, overlap the ends at the midpoint – it’s all about creating that balanced thickness.
  3. Fluff, Fluff, and More Fluff: Just like those faux flowers, garlands often come wired and squished for more cost-effective shipping. Don’t fret – fluffing is your friend! Take a few moments to gently separate and shape the branches, leaves, and pumpkins. They’ll thank you for looking fabulous and full.
  4. Personalize Your Garland: Especially for those slightly sparse garlands, a little personalization goes a long way. Think about integrating elements from your decor, such as matching ribbon from your wreath. I love adding fillers like raffia, shredded paper, or excelsior for texture. And why stop there? Pine cones, candles, pumpkins, ribbon, lights, and faux florals are all fair game for creating your custom fall masterpiece.

Here’s the Line up of this Year’s Stunning Fall Garlands from Amazon:

beautiful garland with dainty orange-yellow leaves with lights.

Pre-lit Fall Leaf String Light Garland

Simplicity meets beauty in this one! At a whopping 17 feet, yes, you read that right, this garland boasts stunning golden leaves on a vine, complete with pre-attached lights weaving through. Delicacy and whimsy blend seamlessly, offering you a plethora of placement options. If you’re aiming for a fuller look, just double it up. Not in need of a grand 17 feet? No worries, you can snag the same garland in a set of two 6-foot versions.


pale cream maple leaves with white pumpkin, berries and light green leaves.

Autumn Maple Leaf with Pumpkins Garland

I love this muted take on fall. The maple leaves are the star of the show in this beautiful creamy beige color. This garland measures 6 feet and has twigs, a soft green leaf (every so often), white mini pumpkins, and berries running through it.


a beautiful seeded eucalyptus garland.

Seeded Eucalyptus Garland

I can’t believe it’s not real! This 5.5-foot seeded eucalyptus garland is stunning as is or add ribbon, florals, or lights to it for your fall table or mantel. This would also look beautiful hung over your kitchen window or wrapped through your light fixture!


rust, orange and pink tone garland with eucalyptus and roses.

Anna’s Whimsy Fall Garland

Look how pretty! This beauty has an unexpected mix of Eucalyptus and roses in a stunning unusual mix of fall colors. I love how unique this garland is, I don’t usually see this combination but boy is it pretty! This garland stretches to 5.91 feet, promising a multitude of creative possibilities!


a tradition leave fall garland with lights and pinecones. this one is running down the center of a table.

Autumn Maple Leaf Garland

For a more traditional garland check out this 6FT Fall Decor Garland with Pine Cones, Berries and Warm Lights. Perfect for your fall dining table!


lambs ears, eucalyptus, pumpkins and acorn garland.

Eucalyptus and Lamb’s Ear Fall Garland

This 6-foot garland has such a pretty mixture! I love the touches of fall tones mixed with green. Eucalyptus, lamb’s ear, raffia, fall leaves, berries, and pumpkins come together to give you the ultimate fall package.


deep green, rust with off white pumpkins and gourds.

Valery Madelyn’s Fall Garland with Maple Leaves and White Pumpkins

A beautiful mixture of greens with deeper fall tones for this 6-foot garland. It has maple leaves, white pumpkins, berries, pine cones and raffia. Very pretty!


2 dainty fall leaf garlands.

Fall Maple Leaf Garland

Check out this amazing price! A steal at just $15.99, you get not one but two 6.5-foot garlands. These wispy-leafed wonders on a vine come in gorgeous fall colors, making this deal even sweeter.


lambs ear, eucalyptus, pine cones and white mini pumpkins on a full garland.

Pumpkin, Eucalyptus & Pine Cone Garland

Pumpkins, Eucalyptus, pine cones, AND Lamb’s ears – what a combination! The interplay of dark and light gray-green shades is nothing short of stunning. This 5-foot full garland will be a beautiful addition to your fall mantel.


red/orange pip berry garland. a garland with tiny berries.

Pip Berry Fall Garland

When you’re after just a hint of fall, look no further than this orange/red pip berry garland. At 5 feet long, it’s perfect for those delicate applications. Want an even airier look? Layer it over another garland!


a deep green garland with touches of mustard yellow.

Valery Madelyn Deep Tone Fall Garland

These deep colors are a bit moody and I’m digging it! This 6-foot dark green garland with touches of mustard yellow is such a pretty combination. A bit of an unusual color combination for fall – but sooo beautiful!


a very neutral light garland with leaves, pine cones, twigs, pumpkins.

National Tree Company’s Autumn Garland

You already know I am obsessed with this garland! I bought 2 in 2020 and love pulling them out each year. This well-crafted 6-foot garland is brimming with Pumpkins, Gourds, Maple Leaves, Pinecones, and Berry Clusters. The leaves boast a stunning white wash effect that captures my neutral-loving heart. Curious about how I use this garland? Check out my Simple Fall DIY Dining Table Centerpiece Idea post.


an olive branch garland.

Olive Leaf Vine Garland

Behold this giant beauty at a whopping 12 feet! Perfect for spacious areas, the olive branches come adorned with olives, looking incredibly realistic. And let’s not forget the fantastic price!


a deep plum leaf garland that is full or dark plum tiny leaves.

Plum Cimicifuga Seeded Garland

Look at this color and these delicate leaves! I love this one so much that I just bought one! I cannot wait to bring this beautiful deep plum into our living room this fall. This garland is 6 feet long with lots of plum leaves and berries!


a full seeded eucalyptus garland with lights strung through.

Eucalyptus Garland with Lights

This 6-foot garland is loaded with both eucalyptus and lights. The seeds are a great addition to this beautiful garland. Perfect for doorways and banisters! You can find the matching wreath here.


dining room hutch with fall neutral garland on top.

This hutch is styled with the National Tree Company’s Autumn Garland along the top.

Thank you for visiting the blog today. I hope this 15 Stunning Amazon Fall Garlands for 2024 post helped narrow down your search for the perfect fall garland for your home! If you haven’t already please check out my favorite Amazon wreaths!

Happy decorating friends!

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