This design is one of my favorites! All white, totally neutral with lots of texture in this fall farmhouse dough bowl design!

all white dough bowl design with flowers and pumpkins

Have you tried your hand with designing a dough bowl? Dough bowls are actually fairly easy to style, you just have to remember a few simple tips. Let me help! First consider both the length and the depth of your dough bowl when purchasing filler. Longer and deeper dough bowls require more items to fill it. Let’s discuss!

a farmhouse hitch with the dough bowl design on it.

Dough Bowl Length:

The dough bowl pictured here is 36″ long. In the world of dough bowls that is pretty long! When shopping for the contents I always make sure to buy plenty. I typically lay what I’m buying in my shopping cart while envisioning the length and width of my bowl. If you can bring your bowl with you shopping, all the better! I always start with a focal flower, or in this case fresh white pumpkins. The focal item is typically the largest item in the bowl and it should be the one you want to highlight.

dough bowl on a rug

After I choose the focal flower I turn my focus to smaller fillers. For this design I bought a bag of dried sola flowers (similar to these) that included roses, peonies and these frosted pinecones. I bought some faux cream colored heather and little picks of raffia.

all white dough bowl design with flowers and pumpkins

If the white pumpkins are the star of the show, these little white antler picks are the supporting actors!

Dough Bowl Depth:

While this bowl is not too deep I almost always fill the base of the bowl with raffia , excelsior or shredded paper. These fillers act as the fist layer and begins to lift the contents for better viewing. You want to be able to see what is in the bowl and avoid everything sinking to the bottom. The raffia, excelsior and shredded paper are great natural elements so if some pokes through, thats ok! For this design I went with shredded paper.

dough bowl on a coffee table

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Thank you for visiting the blog today for a fall farmhouse dough bowl design. Be sure to check out my other dough bowl posts, How to make a dough bowl centerpiece and Neutral fall dough bowl.

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