Nothing makes me want to grab my hot glue gun and create something fun like a cold winter day. This DIY Valentine’s Wreath using faux hydrangea was the perfect project for a chilly Massachusetts January day and I’m excited to share it with you!

Once all the Christmas decorations are down the big question I’m always asked on Instagram is what’s next? For post-holiday decor, I shoot for a warm and cozy vibe with lots of throw blankets, throw pillows, rugs, etc. I also add small touches of Valentine’s decor and some greenery for a nod towards warmer spring days. January at our home is all about staying cozy while looking forward to those sunny spring days that are (hopefully) right around the corner.

finished project. sift cream hydrangea with hints of pink on a heart shaped wreath with a pink ribbon for hanging.

This soft DIY heart-shaped wreath featuring my favorite faux hydrangea from Amazon is simple to make and brings a soft and understated piece to the holiday ahead.

adding the hydrangea to the heart shaped wreath form.

Skill level required to make this fun wreath

The best part of this project is you do not need to be an experienced crafter or have a craft room to make this Valentine’s day wreath DIY. Just a few craft supplies including a heart-shaped wire wreath form, glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, wire cutter, your ribbon of choice, and some faux flowers and you’re good to go.

Where to hang this DIY Valentine’s wreath

This Valentine’s wreath can be hung on your front door with a door hanger or hung over a mirror in your front hall. It can be hung on your mantel with a simple heart garland hanging in front. It is lightweight which makes it very easy to hang!

Before we jump in let’s talk about some variations and other considerations and frequently asked questions about making this DIY heart-shaped wreath.

a variation using straight white hydrangea with a pink floral ribbon.

Variations and other considerations

  • Wreath form: This project is anchored on a wire wreath frame however it can also be designed on a grapevine wreath or foam heart shape wreath. The heart form works well for Valentine’s day however this wreath could easily be made on a round wire wreath form as seen for most traditional wreaths.
  • Adhesive options: You know I love my glue gun! The ease of using it makes it my go-to for most projects. However, if you are making this wreath on a foam wreath form you could attach the flowers using straight pins. For a grapevine wreath, you could use floral wire.
  • Faux Flowers: While I tend to lean toward soft colors, these hydrangeas come in so many different colors for you to choose what works for your aesthetic. These red hydrangeas would make a beautiful red heart. You may also choose other varieties of flowers like mixed spring floral picks or even felt flowers.
  • Ribbon: I used a pale pink burlap ribbon (similar linked) but if you’ve walked the ribbon aisle at your local craft store you know the sky is the limit! So many beautiful options! Choose a beautiful red felt or a lovely floral. Lace would be pretty too!
  • Back of the wreath: If you plan to hang this wreath on a door or a wall you do not have to worry about the wire wreath form showing in the back. However, if hung on glass or a mirror you may want to cover the back with ribbon.
finished project on my work table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the supplies for this DIY Valentine’s wreath?

These hydrangeas are available on Amazon however Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s and Michael’s typically carry faux hydrangeas. The supplies may also be available at Dollar Tree/Dollar Store for less.

What other Valentine’s day decorations should I hang?

I come from the camp of less is more, especially with Valentine’s day decor. I suggest a few select pieces that go with your decor. I especially love garlands like this felt ball garland or heart garland. You also may want to make your own Valentine’s day book stack.

What type of fun embellishments can I add to this Valentine’s wreath?

Get creative! Use a ribbon with polka dots or go with bright colors. You can make a bow and hang wooden hearts from it. You can also add twinkle lights! This is a great idea if you are missing all the sparkle and twinkle of your Christmas decor!

How much will the supplies cost to make this easy DIY Valentine’s craft?

The hydrangeas used on this wreath were $15.99, the ribbon is $11.99 and the 12″ heart forms are $4.50 each. You can expect to spend approximately $32.48 on supplies for this wreath.

Supplies to make this DIY Valentine’s wreath with faux hydrangea

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DIY Valentine’s Wreath

Make this simple faux hydrangea heart-shaped wreath for your Valentine's decor.
Prep Time10 minutes
Active Time20 minutes
Total Time30 minutes


  • 1 Glue gun/ Glue sticks
  • 1 Pair of scissors
  • 1 Pair of wire cutters


  • 1 Pk Hydrangea flower heads
  • 1 Pc Wire heart shaped wreath form
  • 1 Roll Pink burlap ribbon


  • The first step is to add the ribbon to the wreath form. Measure how long your ribbon should be based on where you are going to hang the wreath (approximately 12"-16"). Using scissors, cut the ribbon length. Using your hot glue gun add glue to each side of the top of the heart and wrap the ribbon until it is secure. (see photo)
    adding the ribbon to the wreath form.
  • Next, with your wire cutters separate the hydrangea head blossoms into smaller more useable pieces.
    cutting the hydrangea blooms apart.
  • Start placing the blooms that you just cut apart around the parimeter of the wreath. Once you know where the blooms are going add a dab of glue to the wreath form and press the hydrangea stem into the glue until the glue dries (approx 10 seconds)
    adding the hydrangea to the heart shaped wreath form.
  • Continue gluing the blooms around the outside perimeter until it is done.
    Note: You will glue right over the ribbon you placed in step 1.
    flowers placed around the perimeter of the wreath.
  • Next move to the inside of the wreath form using the same technique.
    placing blooms around the inside of the wreath form.
  • With the outside and inside blooms in place now move to add the hydrangeas to the top. For this, it may be easiest to put a dab of glue directly on the end of the flower stem and then hold the flowers in place until the glue has dried.
    blooms on the top to fill in.
  • The final step is to hang the wreath and enjoy!
    finished project. sift cream hydrangea with hints of pink on a heart shaped wreath with a pink ribbon for hanging.

As DIY crafts go, this one is an easy one and a great way to decorate for the season of love. Please be sure to check out my cupcake liner wreath for another fun winter’s day project. And for more Valentine’s Day Wreath ideas please visit my Wreath and Door Swag Pinterest board!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Valentine’s Wreath using faux hydrangea!

Keep creating friends!

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