Easter is around the corner and it’s early this year!I’m already thinking about my centerpiece and have a fun idea to share with you. The fresh flowers will be stunning but what I am most excited about is the container. Today, we’re diving into a unique approach: using a shallow cylinder style glass bowl adorned with clipped sticks from hydrangea bushes as the container. This woodland-inspired centerpiece is sure to infuse your space with rustic charm and natural beauty. In this Easter Flowers to Brighten Your Table post, let me take you through!

A purple and green centerpiece in a twig covered container.

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Our arrangement boasts a charming mix of purple tulips, purple stock, and vibrant green hydrangea from Trader Joe’s, infusing your Easter table with a burst of color and freshness. With my floral design knife in hand, I’m eager to share some of my favorite fresh flower tricks with you!

easter centerpiece in green and purple with a place setting.

Creating the Container

First let’s jump into the container assembly. Here are the supplies you will need.

Materials required:

Steps to create the container:

  1. Measure the length of the sticks by eye and cut them accordingly.
  2. Use the glue gun to attach the sticks vertically around the exterior of the glass vase.
  3. For decorative purposes, secure a ribbon around the middle of the sticks, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the container.

Tip: I chose hydrangea sticks for their straightness, but feel free to use whatever sticks you can forage. The straighter the easier to work with for this project.

low glass vase covered with sticks and wrapped in a bow.

Tips for Making the Arrangement

Selection of flowers:

I made my way to Trader Joe’s to pick out flowers that would coordinate well with my Easter place setting. Purple was on my mind!I grabbed 1 bunch of Purple tulips, 2 bunches of purple stock, and 1 bunch bright green hydrangea.

Arrangement techniques:

  1. When choosing your flowers, consider contrasting colors and textures for visual interest.
  2. Choose fresh healthy flowers for a longer lasting arrangement.
  3. Arrange flowers in a balanced manner, taking into account height and spread.
  4. If available, start with filler greens for added volume and depth.
  5. Begin with the heavy-headed hydrangea, as it will help secure the other flowers in place.

Pro Tip: Aim for the flowers to be at least 1 1/2 times taller than the container. This is a good rule of thumb for most arrangements.

Beautiful green hydrangea, purple stock and purple tulips.

Preventing Tulip Stretching

Tips to prevent tulips from stretching:

  1. Trim tulip stems at an angle before placing them in water.
  2. Strip some of the bottom leaves.
  3. Use a tall vase to support tulip stems and prevent bending.
  4. Keep tulips away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  5. With a knife or a pin, put a knick into the stem just below the flower head to keep the tulip from stretching and flopping. Tulips are known to continue growing even after they are cut, which may cause them to be out of proportion to the arrangement.

For more detailed information on cut tulip care, visit my blog post, How To Make Tulips Last Longer (Tips from a Florist).

piercing the neck of a tulip with knife.

Hydrangea Care to Avoid Wilting

How to treat hydrangeas to prevent flopping:

  1. Cut hydrangea stems at a 45-degree angle under water.
  2. Dip the cut end of the stem in alum powder. This will keep the hydrangea blooms from wilting.
  3. Place hydrangeas in lukewarm water mixed with floral preservative.

Don’t forget to visit my hydrangea guide for more care tips!

hydrangea stem dipped in alum.

Pairing with Table Setting

Description of table setting:

The table setting boasts purple cloth napkins, white scallop edge dinner plates, and small salad plates adorned with delightful bunny and purple flower motifs.

Suggestions for coordinating table decorations with the flower arrangement:

Consider incorporating elements from your own theme or color scheme to harmonize with the flower arrangement. Whether it’s adding complementary accents or choosing thematic decor, allow your personal touch to shine through.

For further inspiration on coordinating your Easter table decorations, explore my post dedicated to Easter table settings.

A top view of the place setting and the flowers.

Crafting a Woodland-Inspired Centerpiece

Materials Needed:

  • Shallow cylinder style glass bowl
  • Dormant hydrangea sticks (or other foraged sticks)
  • Clippers or scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Design knife or scissors

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Prepare the Sticks:

    Measure the length of the sticks by eye and cut them accordingly.
    Choose straight sticks, preferably from hydrangea bushes, for best results. However, feel free to use any foraged sticks that suit your preference.holding the sticks showing the length they need to be to cover the glass vase.

  2. Attach the Sticks:

    Use a glue gun to attach the sticks vertically around the exterior of the glass vase. To ensure even spacing, lay the container on its side and apply a “line “scribble”of glue onto the container. Then, line up the precut sticks along the glue line, making sure they are evenly spaced around the container.using a glue gun, gluing the stick vertically on the glass dish.

  3. Continue Gluing:

    Continue glue the stick all around the outside of the glass cylinder vase. The sticks are glued all around the container.

  4. Secure with Ribbon:

    Once the sticks are in place, add a dab of glue to secure a ribbon around the middle of the sticks for decorative purposes.the sticks container with scissors and a ribbon that is soft green.

  5. Display Your Creation:

    Once the glue has dried completely, your woodland vase is ready to use!
    Fill the vase with water and arrange your favorite flowers to create a stunning centerpiece for any occasion.A side view of the arrangement and the place setting.

My 5 Tips for Arranging the Fresh Cut Flowers For a Centerpiece

Here are some tips for arranging fresh cut flowers:

  1. Start with the heavy-headed bulky hydrangea blooms: These will serve as a sturdy foundation and help secure the following flowers.
Just the three big blossoms of the hydrangea in the vase.

2. Work with one type of flower at a time: To create a wispy round shape for your arrangement, add the stock flowers next.

purple stock added to the hydrangea as the centerpiece takes shape.

3. Shoot for the arrangement to be 1 1/2 times taller than the vase: This ensures a balanced and visually pleasing composition. Please note this is a general rule and well…you know what they say about rules!

The centerpiece showing the balance of flowers to container.

4. For a dinner table centerpiece height, position your arm at a 45-degree angle with your elbow on the table and your fist in the air (arm wrestle style). The flowers should stay below your fist to ensure easy conversation without the centerpiece blocking guests’ view of one another.

My arm in a position for an arm wrestle showing the arrangement sits below my fist for comfortable conversation.

5. Lastly, place the tulips in and around the hydrangea and stock: Tulips add a vibrant touch and complement the other flowers beautifully.

placing the purple tulips into the arrangement.

Remember: You may need to adjust the position of the hydrangea blooms as they tend to get pushed into the container. Always cut all stems at an angle to maximize water intake and keep your flowers fresh for longer.

FAQs for Easter Flower Arrangements

What are some popular Easter flowers to include in arrangements?

Pink roses, yellow roses, pink tulips, pink carnations, white lilies, and yellow lilies are all popular choices for Easter arrangements. Often hydrangea and peonies will be available too.

Where can I find beautiful Easter centerpieces already made?

Your local florist or even the floral section of your local grocery store can offer stunning Easter floral centerpieces. For buying fresh cut flowers consider Trader Joe’s they always have a great selection of fresh budget-friendly flowers.

Do you have any additional tips for creating a beautiful Easter flower arrangement?

Consider using floral foam to help your flowers stay in place and last longer. Also, incorporating pastel colors and spring flowers like pink tulips and yellow daffodils can create a lovely Easter display.

What are some easy DIY Easter centerpiece ideas?

Crafting colorful mason jar arrangements or using colorful wooden eggs as accents are simple yet charming ways to create Easter centerpieces.mason jars filed with spring flowers for a clustered Easter centerpiece.

Can you recommend some traditional Easter flowers?

Easter lilies and white lilies are traditional choices for Easter arrangements, symbolizing purity and new beginnings.

Where can I find supplies for making Easter arrangements?

Craft stores are great places to find glass vases, floral foam, and other materials needed for creating stunning Easter flower arrangements.

What flowers symbolize the spirit of spring?

Pink roses, yellow daffodils, and colorful tulips are all blooms that capture the essence of the spring season.

What makes a perfect Easter flower centerpiece?

A perfect Easter centerpiece acts as a focal point for your Easter dinner or brunch table, bringing the refreshing feeling of elegance and the spirit of new beginnings to your celebration.

How can I incorporate the Easter bunny into my floral arrangements?

Adding playful touches like colorful wooden eggs or small bunny figurines can add a whimsical Easter touch to your flower arrangements.

When is the perfect time to order Easter arrangements?

It’s best to order your Easter arrangements in advance. Ordering early ensures that you can secure your favorite blooms and arrangements in time for the holiday. If you’re picking out flowers to make your own arrangement, get them 2-3 days in advance so they are open and at their peak for the big day. Lilies may need 5-6 days if they are tight buds. Visit my Lily post to learn more about picking put the best blooms and how to care for them.

centerpiece behind the east themed place setting.

Let’s remember that Easter celebration is not just about the festivities but also about the joy of coming together. With beautiful blooms adorning your dining table, you can create the perfect flower arrangement that enhances the spirit of the occasion. Whether it’s a simple centerpiece or an elaborate display, let your floral creations elevate your Easter gathering and add warmth to your dining table.

Thanks for visiting the blog today for this, Easter Flowers to Brighten Your Table post.

Happy Creating Friends!

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