Hey friends! In this “Make Dreamy Heart-Shaped Foton Pearled Candles for Valentine’s Day” post, I’m thrilled to share my fabulous find — Foton Candles! I first discovered these adorable pearled candles last year and had an absolute blast experimenting with them.

What makes these candles so unique is Foton candles are made out of tiny wax beads that you simply pour into containers to create the most customizable, creative candles ever. I used several different vessels including this pretty heart-shaped wooden bowl to make a dreamy candle centerpiece for my living room.

A wooden heart-shaped bowl filled with pearled candle on a wood board with a ribbon that reads "Love".

In this post, I’ll help you create the perfect Valentine’s Day gift using this heart-shaped bowl filled with scented, pearlized wax. Join me as I guide you through crafting your own romantic Foton candles using their unique wax pearls this V-Day!

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The Foton Difference

Aside from the tiny little wax pearls, what makes Foton so cool is their candles are made from plant-based wax and burn super clean. We’re talking barely any smoke here, people. Huge win if you ask me! Additionally, unlike regular candle wax that limits your design, the tiny pearl size of Foton Candles means you get way more flexibility to create cute custom candles in whatever unique vessel you want.

The minimal smoke means you can burn them for ages without nasty buildup, and the plant-based formula is non-toxic for pets. With so many scent options, you can totally personalize a candle for your Valentine. Plus they’re affordable – score!

A lighter lighting the wicks of the Foton candle.

Tip: Create a beautiful floating candle by placing water in a glass container, pouring Foton wax pearls on top to float, and inserting a wick into the beads over the water line. Yup, the pearlized wax even floats!

How Two Sisters Reinvented Candles

Get this – Foton Candles was dreamed up by a couple of inventive sisters, Sirli Luht and Heidi Stojanovic. They noticed some real problems with traditional candles, so they set out to solve them with their new concept!

First, traditional candles look the prettiest when they’re brand new out of the packaging. But after just one burn, they start to get…well…less beautiful. The wax often melts unevenly, leaving holes and tunnels that make the remains unappealing.

Plus, standard candles turn into waste quickly. You can never burn up all the wax, so the leftover hardened remains usually just get tossed out along with the glass jar or container. Such a bummer!

The sisters also realized traditional candles aren’t great for burning in small spurts. You have to commit to long burn times or else the wax tunneling happens.

Well, Sirli and Heidi decided to tackle these issues once and for all by inventing Foton’s pearl candle concept. And I’m so glad they did!

A ceramic bowl with the Foton pearled wax.

What to Love About Foton Candles

Before we dive into a sweet Valentine’s candle gift idea, let’s explore what makes Foton Candles stand out.

  1. Beautiful Packaging: Foton Candles come beautifully packaged, ensuring a pleasant unboxing experience.
  2. All-Inclusive Kits: Everything you need, from wax pearls to wicks, is included in the Foton pack, making it convenient for hassle-free crafting.
  3. Fast Shipping: Enjoy quick shipping, ensuring your Foton Candles arrive in time for your special occasions or gifting.
  4. Excellent Customer Service: Foton takes pride in providing top-notch customer service, ready to assist with any inquiries or guidance.
  5. Unexpected Design Flexibility: The tiny pearl size allows for creative freedom, letting you design unique candles in various vessels beyond the traditional mold.
  6. Clean Burning Plant-Based Wax: Foton Candles use plant-based wax, ensuring a clean burn with minimal smoke, making them an eco-friendly choice.
  7. Versatile Scents and Colors: Explore a range of delightful scents like “Dreamy Dunes,” “Warm Vanilla,” or “Spring Daisy,” and choose from various colors to set the perfect mood.
Holding some of the tiny pearled wax to show the consistency.

Creating Your Valentine’s Day Foton Candle

Making your own dreamy Foton candle for V-Day is super easy. You just need some ingredients: Foton pearls (any yummy scent you want), a sweet heart-shaped bowl or jar, and a few of the wicks that come in the Foton pack.

First, pour those adorable little Foton wax pearls to fill up your heart bowl. Make sure the pearls are distributed evenly, a simple shake does the trick. Then take the included wicks out from the box they came in and place them in the pearls in your vessel. Use scissors to trim your wick to about 1⁄4 inch high for the best burn. And boom – just like that you’ve made an artsy pearl candle for your Valentine!

Snag this rechargeable candle lighter here. This dreamy Love ribbon here.

Safety First

I know you’re eager to get your candle going, but real quick – some safety notes. Always place your Foton pearled candle on a fireproof surface like a stone, metal, or ceramic plate. Before lighting, trim the wick down to 1⁄4 inch high for the best, cleanest burn. And never, ever leave a burning candle alone or unattended!

Tip: The folks at Foton Candle recommend you make sure you leave at least 2 inches of pearls around each wick (use only one wick in a 4-inch wide container!), and at least 1 inch between the bottom of the wick and the bottom of the container. For more fire safety tips visit Fonton Candles Instructions & Safety page.

A planter on a coffee table with a white ceramic bowl holding the candle.

Order in Time for Valentine’s Day

Heads up – if you want a Foton candle to arrive by February 14, be sure to order by early February at the latest. Foton usually ships within 24 hours, but slower delivery times can happen around V-Day. Browse all the scents and accessories at fotoncandles.com to build your perfect candle!

Foton pearled candles housed in a heart bowl make for a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift! The endlessly customizable options, low smoke, and budget price means you can craft something special and romantic. Have any questions? I’m always happy to chat more about fabulous Foton and to help you make your own candles!

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Happy gifting!

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