A unique baking station idea to organize all your baking pans, measuring cups and spoons, rolling pins and more. Sharing how I pulled this space together.

a photo of me in front of this baker's station

For this fun transformation, I changed out our coffee bar and created a one-of-a-kind DIY Kitchen Baking Station! Before we get into the details, first let’s chat about this unique kitchen shelving we installed a few years ago. This shelf is actually a vintage mantel I found on the Facebook marketplace for just $50. It came in 3 pieces, the mantel (shelf) with two side pieces. Ray and I hung just the mantel over some counter space in our kitchen where it has served as the perfect spot for our coffee bar.

vintage mantel with a coffee bar
The before – Coffee Bar

Time for a Change

I’m not sure if it’s my new obsession – the British Baking show or my never-ending need for change or perhaps it’s just my frustration of going to 5 different kitchen cabinets and 3 different kitchen drawers every time I want to bake something. I found myself wanting to update this space, and make it more functional with the goal of streamlining my baking game!

farm fresh eggs in vintage wire bowl

Introducing my DIY kitchen baking station! Now knowing that my bakeware and supplies would be on display and desperately needed updating, I set out to buy new ones. I have not replaced these kitchen items in years! I bought canisters, baking dishes, measuring cups and spoons, you name it! Then I set out to make the most out of this space while making it as esthetically pleasing as possible.

a view of a bekers supply wall in my kitchen. it features a vintage mantel and is storing all things needed for baking.
The After – DIY Kitchen Baker’s Station

Clearing the Space and Relocating the Coffee Bar

The first step was to clear the counter and relocate my Keurig and coffee supplies to the other side of our kitchen. Once that was done I started the planning process. I purchased glass storage jars for flour, sugar, coconut flour, confectioners’ sugar, and muffin liners. I wanted these baking ingredients and supplies to be easily accessible. These jars were a great find and very inexpensive from Walmart. (all supplies are linked below). While shopping I also did a little kitchen runner shopping too!

apothacary jars holding flour and sugar

My Grandmother’s Blueberry Cake Recipe on Display

Next is this old empty vintage frame I used to hold and display this tea towel that has one of my Grandmother’s favorite recipes. I love that it includes her comments as well! I received this tea towel from my Aunt just weeks after my grandmother passed away last September. She was 95 and very special to me. I’ve had her Blueberry Cake a number of times over the years and it is so yummy. Needless to say, this tea towel is also very special to me, so I wanted to display it on this baker’s station. Here’s her Blueberry Cake Recipe!

a tea towel with one of my gransmother's recipes written on it.

The simplicity of this kitchen conversion chart drew me in. I bought the chart on Etsy and then framed it with a simple frame from Walmart. It will be put to good use!

a kitchen conversion chart

For decorative purposes and to coordinate with the vintage mantel I bought a vintage drawer to add baking supplies. Included are measuring cups, a hand juicer, and several different types of cooking utensils.

vintage drawer holding baking supplies

My Splurge

My big purchase was the ceramic kitchen aid mixer bowl. I have had my eye on this bowl for quite some time, hoping it would come down in price. This project had me pull the trigger and splurge a bit but I love the look and was happy to put the stainless-steel bowl away. Would you believe this kitchen aide mixer is 22 years old and still works perfectly?

kitchen aid stand mixer with ceramic bowl

I bought a new ceramic mixing bowl set from Crate and Barrel. I love a thick, sturdy mixing bowl and the price was right on this set. There are also a few other ceramic bowls that I purchased at Homegoods that I use as well.

set of 5 ceramic bowls from Crate and Barrel

I replaced all my pie, muffin and loaf pans and chose white ruffle-y non-stick ceramic ones. Pretty sure my old ones are from 1989! I also bought fresh new white ceramic-coated cookie sheets from Crate and Barrel. Did I mention I made some updates?

Mantel shelf with all white cooking bowls and utensils

New Lighting

Perhaps my favorite change was adding these old school house light fixtures. We decided not to hardwire them and just use the battery operated puck light trick with them. Do you know of this trick? I originally learned it from Brooke over at Nesting with Grace. We simply attached the puck light to the socket with command strips, and use a remote to turn them on/off. We can dim the lights and use a timer on them. The trick was finding puck lights small enough to fit this particular fixture. A very simple solution when you don’t want to bring in an electrician. Read more about cordless lighting in my DIY Cordless lamp post.

my husband hanging school house style lights

Since I’m baking more I am most certainly decorating more! I bought some frosting tips and bags as well as some cool little fondant cake and cookie shape decorating molds. I can’t wait to use them!

A collection of rolling pins in a wire urn.

Under the mantel shelf I hung a couple of cookbooks. I simply ran a ribbon through them and hung them from hooks. I love the way they look!

books hung under the shelf with ribbon

The theme here is a place for everything and everything in its place – and at my finger tips!

My first baking challenge is to perfect a crumb coat layered cake and learn to use my frosting tips. My first attempt ended with me resorting to what I know best, fresh flowers for the topping.

So what do you think, did I make a DIY Kitchen Baking Station that is both functional and pretty?

a view of a bekers supply wall in my kitchen. it features a vintage mantel and is storing all things needed for baking.

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Thanks for visiting today for An Easy DIY Kitchen Baking Station. I’ve been enjoying this new space in our kitchen! Here are a couple of recipes I’ve made using supplies from this station, Easy Raspberry Squares and The Best Rosemary Butter Cookies and my Grandmother’s Blueberry cake.

a drawing of me holding a cup of coffee.

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  1. Stephanie, I absolutely LOVE this! You are so creative, & it really shows here. What a fun way to display the special towel, all the things in the old drawer…I could go on & on. Thanks for sharing!!

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