No farmhouse is complete without a home coffee bar – and we (well, I – the coffee drinker in our house) love ours! In this post, farmhouse DIY coffee bar through the seasons I’m sharing how to set up a coffee bar – including coffee bar essentials, tips for setting a coffee bar that works for your space, and how I decorate our coffee bar through the seasons.

DIY coffee station on a countertop and an open shelf.

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About Our Coffee Bar

We take our coffee very seriously here so a dedicated space for all that is needed for a great cup of joe was in order. A few years back we took two base cabinets and put them in our kitchen. These cabinets were bathroom vanities that were about to be tossed out in the trash so we decided to repurpose them. We made a DIY kitchen island with one and a coffee bar with the other one. This coffee bar cabinet that sits towards the back of our kitchen works great as a coffee station and offers plenty of storage space as well.

After we installed the base cabinets and gave them new life with paint and countertops I found an old vintage mantel on Facebook Marketplace that we hung as a kitchen open shelf. This countertop and open shelf served as our kitchen coffee bar for years and just recently became my baking station. No worries though, our coffee bar just moved across the kitchen.

Me holding a cup of coffee sitting on my deck in the sun.

Tips For Setting Up Your Coffee Bar

The key to a well-planned farmhouse DIY coffee bar is to make sure all your coffee supplies are either incorporated or stored nearby. This is the benefit of having a coffee bar, everything is available in one spot. Of course, the cream will need to be refrigerated so if possible, place your coffee station near the fridge. An outlet nearby is required to plug in your coffee maker and any other item that needs a power source. Additionally, access to water is important to refill the water reservoir when needed. Your coffee bar should be easily accessible so your coffee-loving family and friends can easily make a quick cup with everything at their fingertips!

Spring decorated coffee bar with open lanterns, a white tulip wreath and bird print.

Coffee Bar Essentials

With those tips in mind here is a list of coffee bar essentials:

Non-essentials that Make for an Inviting Farmhouse Style Coffee Bar

Here’s where your style and personality come in! Once you have the basics you can have fun finding unique ways to display them. You can also add seasonal touches to bring change to your coffee bar decor throughout the year. Trays, stands, wicker baskets and racks are my go-to’s. I also store tea, coffee pods, and other items in canisters. Typically I have my creamer and sugar bowl out so I can easily fill them for when I have company. Choose items you love and display them like your favorite Rae Dunn mugs. Your coffee bar is also the perfect spot to add your favorite farmhouse items such as a tobacco basket or a farmhouse coffee sign. Have fun with it!

Coffee canisters sitting in a wooden tray.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Setting Up A Coffee Bar

Where should coffee bars be placed in a house?

Ideally close to a refrigerator and near a water source. The kitchen is the most likely spot however the dining room could work as well. The idea of a coffee station or bar is that of ease – so placing it somewhere convenient is important.

Is it best to use a kitchen countertop or have a stand-alone bar?

This depends largely on space. If you have the space for a stand-alone cabinet or farmhouse coffee bar cabinet then you can forgo stealing extra counter space for your coffee bar. If not tuck a smaller setup on your kitchen counter.

I have a small kitchen, can I still have a coffee bar?

Yes! The key for small spaces is to think small coffee pot (like a mini one-cup Keurig) surrounded by the essentials. Perhaps you put 3 mugs out instead of 6 or 7. Even if your coffee setup is small it can still have personality by adding small personal touches and things you love to create a sweet little coffee nook.

What type of furniture is a good option for holding a DIY farmhouse coffee bar?

An old dresser (or another old furniture piece) makes an awesome coffee bar, or use a small kitchen closet or kitchen cabinets for a closed coffee closet with hidden storage. A bar cart or a rolling kitchen island also works well as the cart can be moved if needed.

DIY Coffee Bar Through the Seasons

Our coffee bar is my favorite spot to decorate. I change it for each season by adding special seasonal touches. The essentials stay on the countertop and I decorate around them. I use the vintage mantel above mostly for styling. The larger tray holding the canisters typically stays put as does the coffee maker. I change the way I display my mugs typically placing them on a tiered tray or a mug rack. Each season I change the decor items and signs.

Christmas Coffee Bar

For this holiday coffee bar, I brought in some fun farmhouse signs placing them on the mantel front as well as above. I layered wood signs, and trays shaped like stars, mugs, and bottlebrush trees. For Christmas, I have a separate set of mugs with matching dessert plates and display them on a tiered tray. I also have these sweet vintage-like Santa mugs that were bought at Walmart a couple of years back. I also added touches of greens on my canisters. This design is cohesive with greens, whites, and wood tones working on both levels. The little trees sitting on the shelf and down below on the counter area pull the two spaces together.

Spring Coffee Bar

For spring I used this large white tulip wreath as my focal point and decorated around it. The same tiered tray for the mugs stayed in place and I added a spray of greenery. I changed out the Christmas mugs and used my Rae Dunn number mugs, black and white check mugs along with others that were white and black. Little ball jars with some greenery, wrapped in a ribbon hang under the mantel. I added open lanterns with a plant and water mister and then finished with a bird print and nest.

Summer Coffee Bar

For summer my focal point was this farmhouse sign featuring Zac Brown Band’s, Loving you Easy. This sign was a gift from my husband and it sits perfectly on this vintage shelf. I incorporated a vintage scale and some ceramic pears (both on the shelf and on the countertop). I used a mug rack that sits on a tray and hung little black and white tea cups with plants on the hooks under the mantel. Little pops of greens were added and a -“Breakfast Served All Day” chalkboard sign hangs on the right.

Fall Coffee Bar

For fall I only swapped out a few items and came in with both green and white pumpkins. I kept the Zac Brown sign as the focal piece and the open lanterns and filled them with vintage books, pumpkins, and a white berry wreath. I filled a vintage pitcher with arching white flower branches and placed it on the shelf. Once again the tiered tray makes an appearance with a few white berry wreaths under some of the coffee mugs. Some of the fall elements carry over to the tray that holds the canisters for a cohesive look.

Tip: You do not need to do a complete makeover each season you can reuse a lot of the same decor pieces and just change a few pieces out.

Shopping for your Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Many of the items on my coffee bar can be found in my Amazon Store under “Kitchen”. I get most of my florals and pumpkins at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, or Michael’s. I’ve collected the mugs over time and most have come from TJ Maxx or Homegoods. If your looking for a farmhouse-style wooden sign give Etsy a try, they have lots of options and many are handmade.

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I hope you found this post, farmhouse DIY coffee bar through the seasons filled with inspiration for your own coffee bar. Coffee bars are a great way to add your personal style and charm to your kitchen area. For more home coffee bar ideas I recommend you visit my coffee bar Pinterest board – So many great ideas for both large and small spaces.

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Keep creating friends!

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