Benjamin Moore calls Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron (2124-10) “A shade of black beloved for its relatively soft, malleable character.” And I have to agree! We’ve used Wrought Iron on a few projects, and I like to describe it as just south of black—meaning the darkest charcoal can get. I’ve also noticed something interesting with Wrought Iron: sheen matters.

In this post, Forget Basic Black: Why Designers Are Obsessed with Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron, I’ll break down everything you need to know about Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron. We’ll explore its unique characteristics, how different sheens affect its appearance, and the best ways to use this versatile color in your home. Whether you’re considering it for your walls, trim, or even exterior projects, I’ll share my experiences and tips to help you make the most of this sophisticated and moody shade.

A full view of the black accent wall using Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron in our bedroom.

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When choosing a paint color for our board and batten accent wall in the bedroom, I wanted something dark but neutral. I’m not one to pick an accent color that’ll limit my options for bedding, rugs, or window treatments – you know how it is, gotta keep those choices open! While browsing the black paint chips at our local hardware store, my eye went straight to Wrought Iron. And let me tell you, when I read the name of this gorgeous soft black, I was totally hooked!

me holding the wrought iron paint chip.

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron Explained

Okay, let’s talk about what Wrought Iron actually is. It’s a deep, moody color that’s not quite black, but definitely darker than your average charcoal. Think of it as that mysterious shade you’d see on an old wrought iron fence – hence the name, I guess!

Here’s the cool part about Wrought Iron – it’s got some sneaky undertones. If you look closely, you might catch hints of navy blue or even a touch of brown. These subtle notes keep it from being a flat, boring dark color. Instead, it’s got depth and character.

And let me tell you, if you want drama without going full-on black, Wrought Iron is your go-to. It’s got all the moodiness of black without feeling quite so harsh. It’s like black’s slightly more chill cousin – still edgy!

For tips on adding dramatic black to your furniture upcycling projects, check out my post on the best black paint for furniture.

paint sample of benjamin moore wrought iron.
Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

What you’ll love about Wrought Iron

  • It’s dark and moody without being pure black
  • Versatile – looks great on walls, furniture, and exteriors
  • Has subtle blue undertones for depth
  • Adds drama without being too harsh
  • Works in both modern and traditional spaces for a fresh look
  • Pairs well with a variety of other colors
  • Changes slightly with different lighting
  • Hides imperfections better than lighter colors
  • Makes a statement without overwhelming a room
  • Can make small spaces feel cozy instead of cramped

Benjamin Moore Paint Lines: Features and Best Uses

While Sherwin Williams offers great options, Benjamin Moore’s paint lines are truly premium quality and include some of the favorite paint colors of all homeowners. Whether you’re looking for bold hues or a subtle accent color to complete your color scheme, there’s a Ben Moore paint for your precise paint needs!

Aura Paint offers incredible hide, even with darker shades. It’s known for its mildew resistance therefore perfect for high-humidity environments. We use Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa for experience premium performance in these spaces that are prone to mildew.

Regal Select is a great product that provides superb paint coverage and can give you a softly polished glow or the look of a matte finish, depending on the sheen of your choice. Regal paint is good for high-traffic areas like living rooms and hallways, walls in most rooms of your home, and spaces that need frequent cleaning. It’s ideal for projects where you need excellent coverage, easy application, and a durable, long-lasting finish.

Ben Paint is Benjamin Moore’s entry-level, value-priced line designed for budget-conscious consumers. It offers good quality at a lower price point, making it ideal for renters, large projects on a tight budget, or areas that don’t see heavy use. While it may not have all the premium features of Regal or Aura, Ben Paint still provides solid coverage, is spatter resistant and a decent finish.

Advance Paint is Benjamin Moore’s specialized formula designed for trim, doors, and cabinets. It’s a water-based alkyd paint that combines the best qualities of both water-based and oil-based paints. Advance offers exceptional durability and a smooth, hard finish that resists yellowing over time. It’s perfect for trim work and cabinet makeovers, as it levels beautifully and resists chipping and scratching. We used Advance for our kitchen cabinet makeover and were impressed with its professional-looking results and how well it has lasted!

For ceilings, Benjamin Moore’s specialized Waterborne Ceiling Paint gives flat paint a new meaning with its excellent hiding properties. This ultra-flat finish is designed to minimize light reflection, helping to hide minor surface imperfections and common ceiling problems to create a smooth, uniform look overhead.

Remember, Wrought Iron is available in most of these lines, so you can choose based on your specific needs and budget. Always consult with your local Benjamin Moore dealer for the best option for your project!

laundry room with the backdoor paint with wrought iron.

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron in Different Sheens

Trust me, with Wrought Iron, the sheen you pick can make a big difference.

Matte: This is my go-to for walls. It’s got a velvety, soft look that really brings out the depth of Wrought Iron. And get this – it’ll give you that cool, used chalkboard look. If you’re after that moody, sophisticated vibe, matte’s your best bet. Plus, it’s great at hiding those pesky wall imperfections. We choose Matte for our bedroom accent wall and got beautiful results!

Eggshell: A step up from matte, eggshell gives you a tiny bit of shine. It’s great if you want something a little easier to clean but still pretty low-key. On Wrought Iron, it can add a subtle dimension without going overboard.

Satin: Now we’re getting into the shinier territory. Satin Wrought Iron has a soft, pearl-like glow. It’s perfect for trim or doors if you want them to stand out a bit more. Just keep in mind, it’ll show imperfections more than matte.

Semi-Gloss: This is where Wrought Iron starts to look almost metallic. It’s super sleek and modern. I love it on furniture or cabinets for a high-end look. But heads up, it’ll show every fingerprint and dust speck. We went with Semi-gloss for the trim, ceiling and door in our Laundry room makeover.

High-Gloss: Whoa, now we’re talking drama! High-gloss Wrought Iron is like a mirror. It’s stunning on a statement piece of furniture or a front door. But fair warning – it’s not forgiving at all. Your surface prep game needs to be on point.

Remember, the higher the sheen, the darker and more intense Wrought Iron will look. So think about the vibe you’re going for when you pick your sheen. And hey, don’t be afraid to mix it up in one room!

painting our accent wall.

Benjamin Moore Regal Paint – Wrought Iron in Matte finish.

Comparisons and Pairings

Okay, let’s talk about how Wrought Iron stacks up against some other dark colors and what to pair it with.

Wrought Iron vs. Other Dark Colors:

  • Iron Mountain: Think of Iron Mountain as Wrought Iron’s slightly lighter cousin. It’s got more of a true gray vibe, while Wrought Iron which has a great depth of color, leans a bit more into that almost-black territory. Iron Mountain is your guy if you want dark but not quite as intense.
  • Cheating Heart: Now this one’s interesting. Cheating Heart is darker than Wrought Iron, with more purple undertones. If you want something even moodier, Cheating Heart might be your the way to go.
  • Kendall Charcoal: This is another popular dark color, but it’s way more of a true charcoal gray. Next to Wrought Iron, it’ll look almost light!

Pairing Wrought Iron:

Here’s where you can have some fun. Wrought Iron plays well with others, but you gotta be smart about it.

  • Crisp Whites: For a sharp, modern look, pair Wrought Iron with clean, bright whites like Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace or Simply White. These crisp whites create a high-contrast combo that’s bold and striking. If you want something a touch softer but still bright, try White Dove. Any of these will make your Wrought Iron elements pop while keeping that contemporary vibe.
  • Off-white/cream: Pairing Wrought Iron with a soft white or cream is like a match made in design heaven. The contrast is strong enough to make a statement, but not so stark that it feels jarring. Try it with something like Benjamin Moore’s White Dove or Swiss Coffee for a look that’s both sophisticated and inviting. This combo works in any style, from modern farmhouse to sleek contemporary. We paired our Wrought Iron accent wall with BM Calm (warm, soft, gray-leaning off-white) for the remaining walls.
  • Light grays: Light Grays: To softly transition Wrought Iron into a space, try pairing it with light grays. Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl is a great neutral option that plays well with Wrought Iron. For something a bit cooler, go with Stonington Gray. If you prefer a warmer undertone, Revere Pewter can create a seamless blend. These light grays help ease the contrast, making Wrought Iron feel more integrated and less abrupt in your space. We paired Wrought Iron with BM Storm on the walls of our laundry room.
  • Warm Woods: Wrought Iron looks amazing with rich, warm woods. It’s like they were made for each other. Dark walnut creates a luxe, sophisticated vibe, while medium-toned oak adds a touch of nature and keeps things from feeling too heavy. Even lighter woods like maple or birch can work, creating a striking contrast. Try Wrought Iron on built-ins or as a backdrop to wooden furniture – it’ll make those grain patterns pop like nobody’s business.

Remember, it’s all about balance. Wrought Iron is a strong color, so give it some breathing room with lighter tones or let it be the star against a neutral backdrop. Play around and see what works for your space!

laundry room showing black door.

Laundry room with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC65 trim and ceiling, Storm AF 700 for the walls and Wrought Iron 2124-10 for the door.

Frequently Asked Questions about Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

Is Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron suitable for accent walls?

Absolutely! This is a great way to dip your toe into moody colors without fully committing to a full room. Wrought Iron is perfect for an accent wall in your home. It’s bold and dramatic without being overwhelming. It can transform a room with just one wall, making other colors pop and creating instant impact. It works in both large and small spaces, but remember – a little goes a long way.A close up of the black accent wall in our bedroom.

What are the undertones of Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron?

Wrought Iron has a soft black base with subtle undertones of navy blue and a touch of brown. These undertones give it depth and complexity, preventing it from looking flat. The mix of undertones allows it to change slightly depending on the lighting, keeping it interesting and versatile.

How does the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Wrought Iron influence its appearance?

Wrought Iron has a low LRV of 6.16, meaning it absorbs a lot of light. This makes it appear quite dark and can make a room feel cozier and more intimate. The low LRV also means it can look different throughout the day, potentially showing more of its undertones in bright light and appearing almost black in low light. Always test it in your space before committing.

Tip: I recommend getting a sample and painting a section of the wall to watch what the color does throughout the day. Alternatively, you can use Samplize to get a peel-and-stick sample.

Can I use Wrought Iron on different surfaces in my home?

Absolutely! Wrought Iron is super versatile. It looks great on window frames, trim details, and even less-than-perfect surfaces (it’s pretty forgiving). You can use it on a wide variety of surfaces, from walls to furniture. If you’re worried about durability, don’t be – it’s got good color rub-off resistance, especially in higher sheens. For high-end finishes, try it on built-ins or kitchen cabinets. Just remember to prep your surface properly, and you’re good to go.

backdoor painted in wrought iron.

Look, if you’ve been on the fence about going dark, Wrought Iron is your perfect gateway color. It’s moody without being gloomy, sophisticated without trying too hard. Whether you’re painting an accent wall, sprucing up some cabinets, or going all-in on a full room, this chill black won’t let you down. It’s versatile, it’s stylish, and it might just be the refresh your space needs. So grab a sample, slap it on, and watch how it transforms with the light. Trust me, you might just find yourself wondering why you didn’t try it sooner!

Happy Painting Friends!

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