This dough bowl design is fall-themed however, the process will be the same regardless of the season the bowl is being designed for. With a few simple changes and this bowl can go from fall to the holidays, to spring and beyond. Regardless of the season, the process is the same. In this post, How to Make a Dough Bowl Centerpiece I take you through dough bowl designing 101!

A fall dough bowl with wheat clusters.

To make this design, I’ll let you in on a little secret…it’s all about layering! More on that below, let’s first talk about these clay pot candles!

Clay Pot Candles:

For this fall centerpiece I decided to incorporate 3 clay pot candles. I made some this past summer for a party and loved the look of the candles sitting in the clay pot all nestled in with my beloved moss – you all know how I love moss! These clay pot candles add some interest to this design and play well with the rust tones in the florals.

clay pot with candle and moss.


The clay pot candles were assembled first (instructions below) once those were done and in place, I started layering the rest of the contents. I took one element at a time beginning with raffia. I almost always start my dough bowls with raffia because it adds such a pretty texture and acts as the foundation for all the flowers and ribbon I will add on the subsequent layers. It begins the “lift” I’m always looking for when working with a deep tray or dough bowl. Without layers and “lift” your dough bowl contents will “sink” into the bowl instead of arching and flowing over, the look I’m always going for.

fall dough bowl on a hutch.

Variations and Special Considerations:

  • The Design: This is a very loosely designed centerpiece meaning the contents are simply laid and tucked into the layers placed before. I do use dry floral foam however, the foam in this project is used to raise the various elements. The flowers, ribbon and wheat are not “in” the foam but simply laid in place.
  • Clay Pot Candles: With the moss and raffia being so close to these candles, for safety reasons, I do not plan to light them. Flameless candles may be an option if you are interested in lighting the candles. You may also omit the clay pot candles altogether.
  • Florals: The floral choices these days are endless! This design can be easily transformed into a holiday centerpiece, or spring centerpiece simply by switching out the florals. The process is the same.
  • Dough Bowls: There are many shapes and sizes available. I will include a few you can purchase below. The one I’m using is quite large (35″). If your bowl is smaller you will want to adjust quantities.
  • Floral Plugs: A floral plug is a larger cluster or small bush of faux flowers. For projects like this, you will need to cut the plugs apart making individual or smaller clusters of flowers. This way you can even disperse them through the centerpiece.
  • Wheat Bundles: For this design, I cluster small groupings of wheat in my hand and place the little cluster in the design. For more stability and control you can also wire or tape the cluster together before adding it to the design.
  • Direction of Amaranth: The amaranth is the leggy rust color flower in this design. Since I plan to keep this design on my hutch as in the picture below I place the Amaranth facing forward. For an all-around centerpiece, you will want to place it on both sides.
the hutch with the fall dough bowl.

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Tools and Supplies:

Dough bowl options:

Florals and Supplies:

Quantities noted

dough bowl centerpiecein rust, green and cream colors
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How to Make a Dough Bowl Centerpiece

Learn how to make a fall dough bowl centerpiece the easy way! Hint Hint – It's all about layering!
Total Time30 minutes


  • Start by making 3 clay pot candles. To begin add some small stones to fill 1/2 of a 4" standard clay pot. These stones are used to raise the candle so it is showing above the top of the pot.
    rocks in a clay pot to elevate candle
  • Place the 3" x 3" pillar candle on top of the stones being sure to have it sit as straight as possible.
    candle on top of rocks in clay pot
  • Pull apart small bunches of moss and place around the edge of the pot. This will help center the candle. You will make 3 clay pot candles for this dough bowl. If you have a smaller dough bowl you may only want to make one or two. Note: I do not recommend lighting the candles with the moss so close by. If you want them lighted I would recommend using flameless candles.
    moss added around the candle
  • To assemble – Start with an empty dough bowl. This one measures 35".
    plain empty lihght colored wood dough bowl
  • Cut 3 slices of dried floral foam in 3/4" pieces and place along the dough bowl as pictured.
    dry floral foam in dough bowl
  • Sit each clay pot candle on the foam risers to give the clay pots a lift.
    pots of candles sitting on top of foam risers in dough bowl
  • Loosely weave raffia in and around the clay pot candles.
    raffia strewn in and around clay pot candles in a dough bowl
  • Next add the amaranth stems. The stems come together in a plug. Start by cutting each cluster from the plug. If your dough bowl will only be viewed from one side (i.e. buffet of mantel) place the amaranth on the front ends of the dough bowl (as pictured). If it is being used as a centerpiece that will be viewed all around (i.e. coffee table or dining table) you may place them at the ends on both sides.
    amaranth added to dough bowl
  • Take the roll of ribbon and loosely weave the ribbon through the centerpiece. You may twist the ribbon to show both sides.
    polka dot ribbon added to the dough bowl
  • Cut apart the chrysanthemums from the plug and tuck each flower in close to the raffia.
    mums added to the dough bowl centerpiece
  • Slice 3 more pieces of floral foam into 1/2" pieces and place in between the pots. These will help support the heavy faux squash from sinking.
    foam risers added to the dough bowl to hold the faux squash
  • Place the faux squash on top of the foam pieces.
    green squash added to the dough bowl
  • Cut apart the maple leaf stems from the plug and place those in and around the arrangement.
    fall maple leaf branches added to the dough bowl
  • Next take the small daisy-like stems and place them as well.
    small pom poms added to the dough bowl
  • Pull apart small clusters of moss and tuck them around the edges of the dough bowl. I did 5 small clusters for this centerpiece.
    moss added to the dough bowl
  • Next bundle 5-6 pieces of wheat in your hand and cut the stems to approx 3"-4" and while keeping the wheat in clusters place them in and around the arrangement. I placed 8 small bundles. Note: you can wire the clusters or tape them prior to adding them to the centerpiece
    wheat added to the dough bowl
  • Take the remaining ribbon and cut 3 – 8" pieces and create a loop. Simply tuck the loop in the arrangement.
    additional ribbon added to the dough bowl

Thank you for stopping by for how to make a dough bowl centerpiece! For more dough bowl ideas head over the my Neutral Fall Dough Bowl post!

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