A while back I purchased a group of Chalk Painted vintage picture frames from a local friend who upcycles vintage pieces. There were about 10 frames, all different sizes and shapes, already chalk painted and ready to use! I love having them available to add to various vignettes around my home. Today I’m sharing Layering Vintage Frames on a Wall.

The Placement:

In our living room we have a small tight space between our Pottery Barn inspired ticking stripe curtains . I like to have the curtain panels to hang outside of the windows to make the windows appear larger. this minimizes the space between the windows. With limited space I decided to layer a rectangle, oval and circle frame to use as the base for this hanging arrangement. This way I’m using the length of the wall since the width is limited.

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How to Hang:

I connected the frames using these Command Strips and attached them to the wall using – you guessed it – Command strips! Have you learned of the magic of Command strips yet? I am always amazed at how strong they are and I love the fact that they come off the wall so easily. Yup! No nail holes to fill!

The Floral Arrangement:

This bouquet of faux Hydrangeas, Lily Of The Valley with beautiful sweeping greenery is hanging by a cream colored ribbon that is woven through the frames. The container is an embossed tin wall vase that I have had for several years. I filled the vessel with dried floral foam then added the greenery and then the florals. I love how quickly this came together and how it sits perfectly between our windows. The frames simply add extra interest for this space.

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