Do you have an abundance of cozy blankets in your living room that you can never seem to find a good place to store? Fear not! In this, 12 Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas (2024) post I’ve compiled a list of the best blanket storage ideas that will not only keep your home decor stylish but will also provide you with easy access to your favorite blanket on a cold night. Before we get to tips for storing blankets, first things first, let’s discuss choosing the right throw blanket for your space and style.

A close up photo of knit blankets in white and gray.

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“Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and let the worries of the world fade away.” – Unknown

Choosing the Right Throw Blanket for Your Space

Choosing the right throw blankets can make a big difference in the overall style of your living space. Here are some tips for choosing the right throw blankets for your home:

Consider the color scheme: Choose throw blankets in colors that complement or contrast with the color scheme of your living space. Neutral colors like beige, gray, and white can go with any color scheme, while bolder colors like red, blue, or green can make a statement and add some visual interest.

Choose the right texture: The texture of the throw blanket can also add to the overall style of the room. If you have a modern living space with clean lines, a smooth and sleek blanket would work well. If you have a more traditional or rustic space, opt for a chunky knit or woven blanket.

Think about the material: The material of the throw blanket can also affect the style of the room. For example, a faux fur blanket can add a luxurious and cozy feel to a space, while a cotton or linen blanket can give a more casual and relaxed vibe.

Consider the pattern: If you want to add some pattern to your living space, choose a throw blanket with a bold or subtle pattern. Make sure it complements the other patterns and textures in the room.

Mix and match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different blankets to create a cozy and inviting look. Layering different textures and patterns can add depth and interest to your living space.

A collection of colorful throw blankets all rolled in a pile.

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Tips for Storing Blankets

  • Identify the purpose: Before you start storing blankets, think about the purpose of storing them. Are they meant for easy access during movie nights or just for decoration? This will help you decide where and how to store them.
  • Choose the right storage option: Depending on your purpose, choose the right storage option. A storage bench or ottoman is a great option for easy access, while a blanket ladder or chest can be used for decoration and long-term storage.
  • Use vertical space: If you have limited floor space, consider using vertical space on your walls by installing shelves, hooks, or racks. This way, you can store your blankets without taking up too much space.
  • Use stylish storage solutions: Blanket storage can also be a decorative element in your living room. Look for stylish storage solutions such as woven baskets, decorative trunks, or colorful storage bins that complement your home decor.
  • Keep it organized: It’s essential to keep your blanket storage organized, especially if you have a lot of blankets. Group them by type, size, or color to make finding the one you need easier.
  • Keep them fresh: Ensure your blankets are clean and fresh before storing them. This article from the NY Times shares how to clean blankets.

By following these tips, you can effectively store your blankets in your living room while also adding a stylish touch to your home decor. Let’s go over 12 of the Blanket Storage Ideas to Keep Your Living Room Cozy and Organized!

A white sofa with pillows with a coffee table in front. under the coffee table are baskets one with a fringed throw blanket spilling out.

12 of the Best DIY Blanket Storage Ideas to Keep Your Living Room Cozy and Organized

1. Use a Blanket Ladder for Stylish Blanket Storage

A great way to store blankets in a small space is with a decorative ladder. It’s a statement piece that adds a touch of elegance to your living space while keeping your blankets off the floor. This blanket ladder design is from my good friend Angie @rufflednest.decor . Angie has the prettiest decor pieces in her online shop at Ruffled Nest Decor.

a blanket ladder with a blanket and some plants and other decor elements.
Photo Credit: Ruffled Nest Decor

2. Under a Coffee Table for Smart Space-saving Storage

Stash blankets under your coffee table or end tables for easy access and a clutter-free room. Opt for baskets or tidy stacks to keep them organized and out of sight. Folding blankets maximizes space and maintains their freshness. Get creative by rolling them up for a unique storage solution!

A coffee table with baskets underneath holding blankets.

3. A Blanket Chest Keeps Throw Blankets Neat

A blanket chest offers dual functionality as storage and decor. It neatly houses blankets while adding charm to your space. With its roomy interior, it’s perfect for families or blanket enthusiasts. It can also serve as a coffee table, extra seating or extra storage for a soft blanket and extra pillows at the foot of your bed. Ensure blankets are clean and dry to prevent mold, and add scented sachets for freshness.

A chalk painted green blanket chest with an antique tool box and plants on top.

4. Cabinet Storage for a Pretty Display

Storing blankets in a cabinet offers both practicality and style. A vintage cabinet with glass doors, like the one from @eleanorrosehome, allows for a decorative display while keeping blankets organized and protected. Fold blankets neatly and stack them, varying textures and sizes for visual interest. Add decorative elements like candles or plants for extra charm.

A glass door vintage cabinet with books, baskets and piled throw blankets. there are American flags on the top in baskets.
Photo Credit: Eleanor Rose Home

5. Wall Hooks For the Win

Wall hooks offer both functionality and style for blanket storage. They save space while adding a cozy touch to your decor. Choose from various styles and materials to match your decor, ensuring proper support for your blankets. Arrange your beautiful blankets in visually appealing patterns to enhance your living space’s overall aesthetic.

Black wall hooks with throw blankets hanging.

6. Drawer Storage – A Practical Solution

Storing blankets in drawers offers a practical solution for organization. Consider folding blankets neatly and allowing them to drape over the drawer for a decorative touch. Enhance the display with decorative elements like fairy lights or plants. Keep blankets neatly folded to prevent wrinkles or damage, ensuring a practical yet visually appealing storage solution for your living space.

A vintage cabinet at a vintage booth with items for sale. there is a knit blanket neatly hanging out of the drawer.

7. Built-in Storage For a Stylish Look

Built-in cabinets offer practical storage for blankets, pillows, and more. Ensure blankets are clean and neatly folded for efficient use of space. Use shelf dividers or baskets to maintain organization and add decorative elements for visual interest. Built-in cabinets provide a cohesive storage solution for a tidy and inviting living space.

Built in white bookcase with a neat pile of throw blankets, books and plants.

8. Magazine Rack – A Creative Solution

A wall-mounted magazine rack is such a great idea and serves as a stylish and practical blanket storage solution, saving floor space while ensuring easy access to your favorite throws. Repurpose an existing rack or find one at a thrift store for a unique decor piece that keeps your living room tidy and cozy.

9. Blanket Basket – A Charming Way to Store Throw Blankets

Storing blankets in a basket adds charm and warmth to your space, with various materials and sizes available for versatility. Placed in your living room or bedroom, a blanket basket offers easy access to your throws while enhancing the decor with texture and coziness. Keep blankets clean and neatly folded to maximize space, or let them spill over the basket for a decorative touch, creating a practical yet charming storage solution.

a close up of baskets with blankets spilling out.

10. Bins for the Win!

Utilize the space beneath your furniture by employing bins or wire baskets that fit snugly under a bench or coffee table, providing organized and easily accessible blanket storage while freeing up living space. Opting for appropriately sized bins ensures both functionality and convenience, enabling cozy moments on the couch for movies or quick naps with blankets within arm’s reach.

A vintage dresser with a bin under holding a throw blanket. there are branches and valentines decor on the top of the dresser.

11. A Coat Rack for a Vertical Solution

Use a coat rack to store your favorite blanket or blankets, providing easy access and a stylish way to display them. Additionally, a coat rack can be used to store other items, such as hats or scarves, making it a versatile storage solution. Consider arranging your blankets in a visually appealing way, such as using blankets with different textures or colors to add depth and interest to the display. I will often add a variety of decorative items like hanging baskets with plants, decor beads, canvas bags, straw hats, holiday decor etc along with my throw blankets.

This coat rack sits next to our painted brick fireplace with our DIY overmantel.

12. Creative Blanket Storage Ideas – The Sky Is The Limit

Thrift stores or antique stores are great options to find unique items like decorative baskets, trunks, vintage suitcases, large crocks, wooden crates, or a blanket rack for blankets and heirloom quilts to store your blankets in a creative way.

A church pew bench with a shelf above with decorative elements. There is a Floral design sign, hats on the wall and a vintage basket and trunk with blankets underneath.

Frequently Asked Questions About Storing Blankets

How can I store blankets in a small living room?

You can use creative solutions such as a blanket ladder, storage ottoman, or decorative basket that doesn’t take up too much floor space.

How do I keep my blankets smelling fresh while in storage?

To keep your blankets smelling fresh while in storage, there are several things you can do. First, make sure the blankets are clean and completely dry before storing them. Any residual moisture can lead to mold or mildew growth, which can cause unpleasant odors. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the blankets before storing them to keep them smelling fresh. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a cloth or tissue and place it with the blankets. Alternatively, you can use fabric fresheners or sachets to keep the blankets smelling fresh. Fabric fresheners are designed to eliminate odors and leave a pleasant scent on your blankets. Sachets, which are small pouches filled with dried herbs or flowers, can also be placed in the storage container to add a natural and refreshing scent to your blankets.

What’s the best way to store an abundance of blankets?

You can use a large blanket chest or built-in storage with plenty of space for different types of blankets. Additionally, you can rotate your throw blanket collection based on the season placing out-of-season blankets in closet storage.

What’s the best way to store thick blankets?

A blanket chest, large basket, or built-in cabinets with plenty of vertical space can be great options for storing thick blankets. Additionally, it is important to store the blankets flat or folded, rather than hanging them, as hanging can cause them to stretch out of shape. If you are short on storage space, you can stack the folded blankets on a shelf, in a drawer or in a linen closet.

There you have it, 12 Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas (2024)! Whether you choose a blanket ladder, a wicker basket, a storage ottoman, or a built-in cabinet, these different options provide you with easy access to your cozy blankets when you need them the most. Don’t let limited space discourage you, use vertical space or repurpose items to make good use of every inch of your home. And have some fun with it!

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Thank you so much for visiting the blog today for 12 Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas (2024)! Let me know in comments how you display your extra blankets, I’m always up for the best blanket storage solutions and I love getting new ideas!

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