Hi Friends! Ready to dive into the cozy vibes of fall with a super quick and effortlessly kitchen island centerpiece idea? Picture this: stacked trays, white mini pumpkins, a touch of raffia, and some faux greens – that’s all it takes. Trust me, you don’t need any fancy floral design skills for this one! So, stick around and discover how to whip up this Easy Kitchen Island Centerpiece for Fall in just 10 minutes. It’s as easy as pumpkin pie!

3 stacked foot trays with white pumpkins, raffia and greens.

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About This Design

Ah, the joy of giving unused items a fresh purpose! Those footed trays (or “wooden cake stands”) were tucked away in my storage, waiting for their moment. Last autumn, I had an aha moment – why store them when I can flaunt their beauty? So, I stacked them up, one on top of the other, envisioning a unique fall-themed kitchen island centerpiece. Using this stairstep effect with the trays works like magic, adding that perfect touch of fall right at the heart of my home. When it comes to the kitchen island countertop, I firmly believe in going big and bold! It’s like inviting the autumn season right into your home, effortlessly claiming a corner of your island for this delightful seasonal centerpiece. Who says decorating can’t be easy?

a collection of cake stands, metal and wood.

Stacking the Cake Stands

As I mentioned earlier, I might have a bit of a cake stand and wooden tray obsession – just a tad! So, here’s the deal: I gathered a bunch of them, a mix of shapes and sizes. Now, for these arrangements, I went all in and stacked three or four of them to create a charming faux tiered tray look. Starting with the largest stand at the bottom and working my way up to the smaller ones, it’s like creating a tiered tower of autumn goodness. Once they were snugly stacked, it was playtime with faux flowers, pumpkins, and some lovely fillers. And guess what? I decided to whip up two different fall tiered tray designs because, why settle for one when you can have double the fun? Stick around, and I’ll walk you through both of these creative setups!

stacking 3 wooden trays that are footed.

Neutral Fall Floral Arrangement on a Tiered Tray

Now, let’s dive into the first arrangement! I took three of my beloved trays and gathered some supplies: a mix of faux and real mini white pumpkins, a bunch of raffia, faux lamb ears, and some faux heather. It’s like a fall harvest festival right there on your trays! I just placed the trays on top of one another, starting with the largest and working my way up to the smallest. Then, I introduced the raffia, letting it cascade gracefully over the edges of the cake stands. I’m all about those natural elements, and raffia adds incredible texture and serves as a fantastic foundation for the rest of the goodies. The pumpkins took their places, followed by the soft, velvety lambs’ ears and the dainty heather. Voilà! You’ve got yourself a simple yet striking centerpiece, perfect for adorning your kitchen island. With its vibrant green accents, this setup is bound to steal the show in your fall decor lineup!

You can watch me make this design on Pinterest.

Designer Tip: It is often less expensive to buy your faux greenery as a bush. Simply take the bush (cluster of greens shared on one stem) and with wire cutters cut them into small usable pieces.

me designing this tiered tray centerpiece.

Supplies for this Easy Kitchen Island Centerpiece

Step-by-step Instructions

Make an Easy Kitchen Island Centerpiece For Fall in 10 Minutes

Create a stunning kitchen island fall centerpiece in just 10 minutes. No floral design skills required.
Active Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes


  • 3 piece Footed trays in varying sizes
  • 10-12 pieces Mini white pumpkins (real or faux)
  • 1 pkg Raffia
  • 1 bunch Lamb's ear
  • 2 stems Small green berries


  • Stack 3 footed trays going from largest to smallest.
    stacking 3 wooden trays that are footed.
  • Loosely lay raffia on each layer. Let the raffia overflow on each tier.
    raffia loosely layered on each level of this tiered arrangement.
  • Next place the pumpkins on each tier. Allow space in between each pumpkin for the lambs ears and berries.
    white pumpkins placed on top of the raffia on each layer.
  • Take the lamb's ears and berries and make a small cluster in your hand.
    a cluster of berries and lambs ear leaves.
  • Place the clusters through the centerpiece. Place on your kitchen island and enjoy!
    3 stacked trays with pumpkins, raffia and greens.

Design 2 – DIY Dusty Tone Fall Floral Arrangement on a Tiered Tray

Onto the next design! This time, I went all out with four wooden trays, and boy, did it turn out fabulous! Each layer got its own special treatment with faux fall flowers, a touch of excelsior, some pine cones, and charming burlap leaves. The stacking process was the same: I started by arranging the trays from largest to smallest. Then, I went for a rustic look with fine excelsior as my filler. The show-stealers, aka the flowers, took their positions next. Some were trimmed short with wire cutters, while others simply separated from their stems. Finally, the pine cones and those adorable burlap leaves sealed the deal. This arrangement found its perfect spot on our kitchen counter, right beneath the antique mantel we use as open shelving but would also work on a large kitchen island. Love these more earthy tones!

a fall collection of faux flowers, excelsior, pinecones. in mauve, cream tones and browns.

Creating a Cozy Fall Corner with Our Stunning Centerpiece

I’m thrilled to share how I styled this design! I decided to create a cozy fall corner by combining this beautiful centerpiece with some other seasonal decor pieces. First, I hung a rustic wooden cutting board on the wall because it just screams farmhouse charm. Then, I added a few vintage items to evoke that nostalgic fall feeling. To tie everything together and create a warm base, I laid down my favorite natural woven table runner.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show—the centerpiece itself! It features a lovely dusty mauve dahlia that instantly gives off those cozy fall vibes. I also included some classic favorites like sunflowers, hydrangea, and chrysanthemums. The whole setup just screams autumn, and it’s become the heart of my fall decor.

a large faux dahlia in a deep mauve.

Designing a Festive Kitchen Island Centerpiece: Size, Placement, and Practical Tips

  1. Size Matters: Tailor your decor to your island’s dimensions. A spacious island can handle a grand fall display, while a smaller one calls for a more modest setup.
  2. Strategic Placement: Take your island’s shape into account. Whether it’s rectangular, square, or with an unusual twist, choose your decor placement wisely. You might favor one side or go for a centralized look.
  3. Functional Space: Remember, your island still needs to serve its purpose in the kitchen. Leave ample room for meal prep, serving, and gatherings while enjoying your autumn-themed decor.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Centerpiece

What are other kitchen island centerpiece ideas?

I love a beautiful wooden bowl or wicker baskets full of real or faux pumpkins with seasonal fruits. White pumpkins with pears make a nice mix of materials. You could also do a tray with a small pumpkin, gourds, candles, and decor beads are great options for the center of your kitchen! Visit my complete guide to stylishly decorating your kitchen island for more kitchen Island decor ideas.

What if I don’t have cake stands but want to make something similar?

If you do not have cake stands or trays you can use this same design on an actual tiered tray like this one!

What if I don’t have a kitchen Island, where can I place my fall decor?

You can decorate around your countertops and on any open shelves you have in your kitchen by adding some fall touches. A beautiful centerpiece on your kitchen table may be just the look you’re going for. Another idea is to add some pretty fall kitchen decor.

If you are interested in building your own kitchen island you may want to consider using base cabinets.

How do I determine what color palette to use?

Go with what strikes you whether it be muted neutral tones or warm fall colors. A collection of orange pumpkins mixed with bright leaves are always fun as are decorative elements that include golden yellows.

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tabel runner with pumpkins, clay posts and candles.

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