Hi Friends! How about a 10-minute easy kitchen island centerpiece for fall made with stacked trays and cake stands to get you in the fall spirit? No floral design experience is necessary! Promise!! Keep reading to see how easy, yet beautiful this centerpiece is.

wooden cake stands stacked and used as a tiered tray. this design has mini white pumpkins, lambs ears and raffia for a simple neutral design.

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About This Design

I love using items I already have in creative ways and these footed trays are always looking for a home in my storage. Last fall I decided it’s easier to use them than store them and right there (out of necessity) an idea was born! I decided to simply stack them to create a unique Kitchen island centerpiece for the fall season. Using these trays using a stairstep effect is a great way to bring a touch of fall to the heart of the home and when I think of the kitchen island countertop I think it’s best to go big or go home! Such a great place to bring the autumn season into your home without worrying about how big or high the arrangement is just grab a corner of your island for this fun seasonal beautiful centerpiece.

wooden cake stands or footed trays oof various sizes.

Stacking the Cake Stands

As mentioned above I have a rather large cake stand/wooden tray collection, here are just a few. To make these arrangements I decided to stack 3 or 4 to create a faux tiered tray. The largest stand is on the bottom and they get smaller as they are stacked. Once stacked I had fun adding faux flowers, pumpkins, and fillers! I did this fall tiered tray design in 2 different ways, keep reading – I’ll take you through both!

Neutral Fall Floral Arrangement on a Tiered Tray

For this first one, I used 3 trays, faux and real mini white pumpkins, raffia, faux lambs ear, and faux heather. As mentioned, I simply sat the trays on top of one another placing them by size. Next, I added the raffia making sure to have some hang over the edge of the cake stands. I love using natural elements like raffia as it adds a lot of texture and creates an excellent base for the rest of the materials. The pumpkins came next, then the lamb’s ears and the heather. Such a simple centerpiece that is perfect for a kitchen island. This stunning arrangement with green accents will no doubt be the focal point of your fall decor in your kitchen. You can watch me make this design on Pinterest.

Designer Tip:

It is often less expensive to buy your faux greenery as a bush. Simply take the bush (cluster of greens shared on one stem) and with wire cutters cut them into small usable pieces.

a photo of both stacked tray designs.

DIY Dusty Tone Fall Floral Arrangement on a Tiered Tray

For this next one, I stacked 4 wooden trays and had fun filling each layer with faux fall flowers, excelsior, pine cones, and burlap leaves. I followed the same process – first stacking the trays. Next, I decided to use fine excelsior as my filler for this one. From there I added the larger flowers followed by the smaller ones. For the faux flowers, I either cut them short with wire cutters or simply pulled the heads off the stems. The pine cones and leaves were placed last. This arrangement sat perfectly on our kitchen counter right under the antique mantel that we use as open shelving in our kitchen.

Kitchen island decor tip:

Consider the size of your island when planning your decorative items and containers. A large island can accommodate a big arrangement of fall items whereas a small kitchen island will need less. Placement is also a consideration, depending on the shape of your island you may want to place your decor on one side or center. Be sure to leave room for use of your kitchen island!

4 stacked trays with cream colored flowers, excelsior, pinecones and mauve dahlia. All faux flowers.

I placed this arrangement with other fall decorations including a hanging wooden cutting board and vintage items on my favorite farmhouse style natural woven table runner.

This dahlia was such a pretty dusty mauve color. It gave me all the fall feels and I love it sitting on the top. Also included are sunflowers, hydrangea, and chrysanthemums. Some pretty fall favorites!

beautiful mauve/ blush faux dahlia bloom.
What are other kitchen island centerpiece ideas?

I love a beautiful wooden bowl or wicker baskets full of real or faux pumpkins with seasonal fruits. White pumpkins with pears make a nice mix of materials. You could also do a tray with a small pumpkin, gourds, candles, and decor beads are great options for the center of your kitchen! Visit my complete guide to stylishly decorating your kitchen island for more ideas.

What if I don’t have cake stands but want to make something similar?

If you do not have cake stands or trays you can use this same design on an actual tiered tray like this one! Or here is a cake stand set that would work perfectly!

What if I don’t have a kitchen Island, where can I place my fall decor?

You can decorate around your countertops and on any open shelves you have in your kitchen by adding some fall touches. A beautiful centerpiece on your kitchen table may be just the look you’re going for. Another idea is to add some pretty fall-themed kitchen towels or other seasonal linens.

If you are interested in building your own kitchen island you may want to consider using base cabinets.

How do I determine what color palette to use?

Go with what strikes you whether it be muted neutral tones or warm fall colors. A Collection of orange pumpkins mixed with bright leaves are always fun as are decorative elements that include golden yellows.

If you love faux flowers and fall DIY decorations be sure to see my posts on dough bowls I have a Neutral dough bowl, Fall dough bowl, and a Spring one! Also new on the blog is my simple fall DIY dining table centerpiece Idea post!

Thank you for visiting the blog today, be sure to see this year’s list of Amazing Amazon Fall wreaths!

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